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reverse cylinder yamma gamma..

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by twinrock, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. well i cant help my self not long after finishing my 470cc cagiva mito..i have embarked on yet another project..over the last month i have done a few deals and gotten some cool bits in the bargain...so what i ended up with was...and most of u might not be familiar with this stuff..a yamaha tzr250 3ma reverse cylinder engine and cdi...its the unrestricted NZ import..i got a rg250mk3 roller some aprilia pegaso alloy spoked wheels n brakes,,and a ducati seat...in the 80s the rg frame was a popular thing to put the yamaha rz350 engine in..well im fresh out of those..(im not jokin i just sold my last 8..) and iv always loved the tzr 3ma with dual pipes commin out under the seat..i will be keepin the stock forks and swinger..i have already machinened the forks and swinger to take the bigger 17mm axles and the wheels have been fitted and all linned up..including machining the sproket carrier..this bike i want to go in another direction from my last being no compromised performance..this will be a comfortable easy to ride..very unique stroker mind u it will still be no slouch 130kgs wet with about 50-60rear wheel hpr..ill get some pics this week , id be interested in anyother 2 stroke projects goin on out there..

  2. Good luck with it mate. Will it be a roady or a tracky?
  3. hi....ive got 2 3ma's....very hard to get running right....don stafford down here in melb bought in a couple when they were new
  4. Please post pics. We like to look at motorbike stuff.
  5. :worthlesspics:

    I mean, seriously, I can imagine that stuff, but a picture tells a 1,000 words :).
  6. ill get pics this week i havnt had time due to studies...
    i have owned 2 3ma in the past..the first one was a night mare..jap modle..pain in the ass had 58hpr on dyno after i got chambers for it but never ran right...the second one i had was a NZ import..it ran well stock awsome handling bike i took it to eastern creek a few times..and there was not much i couldnt run down...but yes i have thought of that...could just go the typical rz350 route..but i wanted something different...