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...reverse camera on bike...

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by phongus, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. ...I have thought about this for a while...might be because I am noobish and used to my car rear view mirror which I tend to use a lot.

    Considering we don't have a rear view mirror...can you just get one of those reverse cameras that they stick on cars and use it on our bikes? Maybe just under the tail light above the number plate. Have a cheapish LCD screen that you can get off Ebay and somehow hook it up or find an old broken video camera with those flip out screens and some how hook it up to the camera.

    Would be cool to have (making sure the screen is water proof and removable). At least you can see a lot behind you without turning your head. Would be safer too. I mean resolution won't be the best, as long as you have a wider view from behind...much better. Especially with a pillion who may get in the way of a head check.

    Hopefully I posted this in the right section. More theory then practical.

    What say you?

    phong =P~

  2. lol i saw a done up cbr 250 that had this done.

    Your to lazzy stop being lazy. turn around.
  3. yeah, wasnt that the cbr250arrrggghh someone was trying to flog on ebay?

    they'd literally done what u said, had a camera out the arse, with a screen on the tank. i think it all got damaged in a crash though.

    mmmm hazey memory.
  4. They built one, you know, on the Super Squalo - an Aussie-built supercharged 200hp v-twin with a rear-facing camera and a screen on the dash instead of mirrors.

  5. One of the guys on the Thurs night ride who rides the 675 has
    one fitted.

    The infared camera points thru the top of his rear plate & he has
    the screen fixed next to the speedo. Colour during the day & green
    at night when theres low light.

    From memory he paid round the $100 mark.
  6. that is one sexy bike :shock:

    I mean yes I am lazy...but when it comes to riding, that just flies out the window and watching out for cars is a priority. Would be much safer with a rear view camera which you can glimpse at. Would be much better if they have cheap technology where you can have a transparent screen stuck on your visor and is wireless...but that's asking too much.

    Once I am off debt, I might give this a shot and see how it goes :D.

    phong =P~
  7. hey mg, your right but wrong aswell. its not on a 675 but on a r1.
  8. Not if they are in your blindspot Phong!
    HTFU and just head check - safer and its something you should be doing regardless

    geez didnt you pay attention in the learner course!
  9. Lazy !

    I bet if you rode a Duc, you would have one facing your face so you can check out the stubble growth while riding ! :LOL:
  10. whatever happened to the helmet with the rear view mirror in it?????
  11. Well yeah...I mean there is always a blind spot...but at least you have a larger view of the rear and can see what cars are coming up before you attempt any lane change or turning off a street. It's thinking ahead too :p but I still probably do head checks since I am used to doing it.

    phong =P~
  12. I used to think motorcyclists are more practical people then car drivers. Guess I'm wrong.
  13. You can't beat the Mk 1 eyeball and a normal amount of caution and awareness. Check the mirrors, turn the head, check the blindspots. Simple, safe, sure ! :grin: