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Reverse Brown Pants Moment, Round 2

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by JAAS, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Reverse Brown Pants Moment, Round 1

    Another lovely experience happened again the other day,
    My street comes of a main street with cafes and shops so we get a lot of traffic performing uturns at the T intersection into my street.
    When doing so they just enter my street and then turn right across both lanes blocking all traffic entering to exiting the road.
    It can be very bad if you don’t see it coming and you’re following the car as it enters my street. (note all happens at low speed as the streets are small)

    Anyway, a lot of dicks have been doing this dicky move for ages and I see it coming all the time, I pretty much expect it when I see anyone indicating their intent to turn into my street.

    Most of the time the air horn gets them to straighten up the car and continue until the find a drive way to pull into or they follow the street through.
    It’s so much fun as the horn is just SOOOOO LOUD. Blasting someone in this intersection is a highlight on my ride home, I look forward to it. And an added bonus, there is a busy cafe with street seating right on the corner, they get a great show and sometimes I scare the shit out of them too.

    I digress, this red P plater in a beat up old white cage does the deed and I’m right behind him, I know what’s going to happen, I stop, he starts to Uturn and when he is a bit over 45 degrees into the turn I let my baby rip. This kid shit himself, he actually ducked and pulled his hand over his head as to protect himself. Can’t say I blame him, I am only about 5m away and the horn is aimed at his door.

    He straightens up the car, waves a hand in the air and pulls over about 20m up the road.
    I start rolling slowly down the street, not because I’m careful, more because I’m trying so hard not to fall of my bike from laughter.

    As I pass him, he rolls down the window, his face is pasty white, not sure if It’s because I scared him or he was just a pasty white MOFO in the first place, but he looks at me with the biggest sorry face I have ever seen, while waving politely. I gave him a nod, while sporting the biggest grin under my black visor and headed home.

    Almost like Charlie Sheen, I’m Grinning! :biker:

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  2. Hahaha that was a great story..........pls pls pls share it with us through video. The guy probably thought you were about to crash straight through his door.
  3. Sorry, no camera mounted, got a Contour ROAM comming, so fret not, I live in a target rich area, there will be more. :D
  4. This is begging for a youtube montage
  5. Awesome post. Thanks buddy.
  6. Loud horns are always fun aren't they? Makes me miss my Stebel even more :'-(
    +1 for the youtube montage.
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  7. Holy shit that's awesome! I really wanna get an airhorn. The montage is a must as well.
  8. A 4x4 entered the road from the left of a wide sweeping right hander, directly into my path... obviously without looking... a long hard blast on the Stebel and the 4x4 immediately exits to the left via the table drain into the sand and a grove of saplings. Priceless.

    The don't look for, or don't see a bike, but they sure as shit hear a truck! :D