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reverse brake bleed

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Willzah, Oct 9, 2009.

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  2. Jesus, that must have been written up Macgyver!

    Or you just go to your local vets and grab a large syringe, bunnings or the like to grab the appropriate thickness tubing for the head of the syringe and the bleed nipple and your local bike shop for brake fluid.

    In my experience a reverse bleed is only really handy if you have a stubborn air bubble from totally emptying the resevoir to change lines or you have removed calipers etc... if you just want to bleed the fluid from your system by topping it up at the res and then bleeding it through the old fashioned way works fine.

    If you must reverse bleed this is what works for me

    • Assemble reverse bleeder by attaching tubing to syringe
    • fill with brake fluid, by putting tube into new brake fluid and pulling plunger towards you
    • tap syringe to make sure any air bubbles are at the top of it, then give it a squirt to get rid of air bubble
    • make sure you the remove resevoir cap and then attach the tube from the syringe to the bleed nipple of the Caliper/Master Cylinder you want to bleed
    • loosen bleed nipple and depress plunger on syringe to force fluid up the lines, this will also force out any trapped air bubbles in the system(be carefull not to overflow the resevoir)
    • remove fluid from the resevoir if need be
    • tighten bleed nozzle and move on to next caliper

  3. I just did this
    Hose 5mm diameter from bunnings $3 or so
    Syringe 50ml from chemist $4.50
    Heated hose to aid pushing it on

    Drained all out the bottom, then pushed new stuff in the bottom.
    Still had to bleed some bubbles out the normal way
    Currently leaving lever cable-tied with reservoir lid off overnight, to get final bubbles out.

    Next time I think I'll just pull it out the nipple, while topping up reservoir, till new stuff starts coming through, could be simpler.