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Reverse Australia

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by blackadder, May 24, 2013.

  1. I came across this site


    When I enter my mobile number it has my full address, name and details of 4 older record holders. It appears my network is Vodafone (it use to be).

    I've looked up a few contacts and I could only find one or two people who also have info come up.

    Any ideas how it got this information? I hardly use my phone and it has never been advertised anywhere. Curious.

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  2. Mine isn't in there, with optus.
  3. I'm clean too! Optus
  4. AFAIK reverse lookups are illegal in Australia.
  5. No results for me - telsta atm, but the number was originally an optus one.
  6. I put my house number in and it came up with all the details including an airial photo of my house. Curious.
  7. There was a good conversation on another forum http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1649740 about this.

    I seem to remember that if you wanted your details to be removed, you could.

    They source their information from third parties, in once example the details came from an auction database.

    One of the guys from the reverse website participate in the thread above and give some more details about how they work etc.
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  8. Well I've sent them an email just now.. I hope they can tell me which %#$S! gave (sold?) them my details.
  9. interesting...
    mine locates me in the middle of the pacific in a life raft.

    that can't be good, mmmm I wonder what happened
  10. i would rather be on a life raft than with vodafone.
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  11. It's not finding any of mine, mobile or landline.
  12. It has my landline, but not my mobile. Which is a little surprising, because my mobile is on a few auction sites.
  13. The last one I know of, grey pages, was taken down for that reason.
  14. It's probably why they base themselves out of the US.
  15. Cool, my numbers aren't on there.
  16. I could only find the phone number for the address I grew up in and it has my dad listed - he hasn't lived there for 19 years.
  17. Man I miss greypages, that site was responsible for some of my best work.
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  18. I didn't get a hit on my mobile but did on my home number, did the same in google and got way more info about me, so it just goes to show how hard it would be to stay under the radar these days. A really cool site would be one that searches rego numbers to give addresses no on second thought I get might get too many knocks on the door. Lol
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  19. Have used it before.
    Interesting, type your number into Google Search and Reverse Australia is on of the first hits.
  20. Strange. I use and give out my mobile number far more than the landline, but it's not listed. Landline is though. Even though I've had the same mobile # for 15 years or more, and the landline for less than 1/2 of that.