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QLD Revenue raising and egomaniacs

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bkdu, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    Interesting event this morning … might be joining the 1%-er … errr 1 pointer league soon.

    Coming down Webster Rd (Grange Rd at this point), I normally get onto Kelvin Grove Rd these days since working at Roma St. However, when I have to go to Teammoto Bowen Hills I still have to turn left off Webster Rd into Days Rd at the Grange. Now here is where it gets interesting … link to map

    Going south on Grange Rd, all those streets turning off to the left (in direction of travel & after the creek crossing) had been blocked off between 7am and 9am some time ago … except for Bega St. Everybody used to "rat-race" through there because traffic gets extremely jammed up and you can sometimes save up to 1/2 hour just by cutting through there.
    Apparently about a month ago, Bega St also had a sign put up, preventing left turns during peak morning traffic.
    Basically, in the past I used to turn at Bega St if I had to go to eg Bowen Hills in order to circumvent the general traffic chaos. Did the same today and was greeted by two cops and a queue of cars who had already been booked … and more being pulled over after me. Now, with people on the brakes intermittently, traffic dense as, people tailgating as well as changing lanes suddenly, I was focusing on traffic and my own safety. Also was still under the impression that I could turn at that street and neither had the opportunity nor the thought to change if it had been closed off.
    Anyway, taking it to court. Started riling up some of the other “victims” while waiting for the revenue department to process my ticket … they didn’t like it … kept stirring them up though as they couldn’t get me for anything else … ahhh the benefits of a stock bike :)

    Any ideas what else to do? 60 Minutes, petition to get that sign removed, etc.?

    History of this particular area in regards to preventing tax payers from using public roads in this apparently privileged section of our community:
    Stage 1: Traffic calming installed (at expense to tax/rate payers).
    Stage 2: Speed limit reduced to 40kph (and rigorously enforced for the first few months ... speak revenue).
    Stage 3: All those streets (Howard, Dennis, Myrtle, Evelyn) had signs erected indicating no left turn between 7am and 9am (again at tax/rate payers expense and again rigorously enforced).
    Stage 4: The most recent (apparently about a month ago) ... Bega St closed off during peak morning traffic.

    Now, dropping the speed limit & traffic calming measures in the name of safety I can understand ... everybody has to do 40 through the entire area now, and with the speed bumps everywhere on top of that the kids are safe. However, to close off this whole area and network of public roads just because the local residents think they can demand the right to private use only of those roads is a bit much. Meanwhile, nothing is being done to alleviate the attrocious traffic jam that happens there every single morning.

    Sorry for the long rant ... pi$$ed off :(

    If anyone on here (or someone you know) got booked turning into Bega St, perhaps we can get together and front up united in court ... or get one of the sensationalist tv shows involved?!

  2. Hi Bodo

    This morning I got done in Bega St and will now lose my license because I did not see that this street had been blocked off. Not only is it a stupid rule but 3 points get taken! I was not putting anyone in danger nor was I speeding or drink driving yet I get copped with a 3 point fine! Have you been contacted by any others that are willing to fight back because this is just ridiculous? I am going to go back tomorrow to make sure that the sign is properly visible because I didn’t see any sign there this morning. When its peak hour your paying attention to the car in front of you not what signs are on the side of the road.

    Let me know if you find any others in the same boat as us and would like to take this further.

  3. Hi Emma

    Given the scene that was there yesterday (so many vehicles pulled over that they had to let "newcomers" go "unpunished") tells me that nobody was aware of the fairly new sign and the popo were using it to get some quick taxes.

    I will definitely take this to court for 2 reasons:
    1. The sign was put up only recently after this one road being a legal left turn for quite some time now.
    2. The whole area is now closed off to the public during peak hour traffice and I believe this is wrong.

    If I stay this pi$$ed off, I'll keep pushing for one of two outcomes in general:
    1. Remove that particular sign
    2. Permanently block all those roads off - I'm talking proper barriers here to keep anyone from going in (or out) ... if it's a safety issue then make sure nobody gets in ... or out ... since the locals seem to be so special - errr concerned - why not give them what they want :)

    Also thinking about getting 60 Minutes or ACA involved; while I don't watch those shows due to their extremely biased stories, they do love this kind of stuff and might actually be useful ...

    Any idea where to post this whole scenario to see if there are others interested in taking communal action?
  4. Hi Bodo

    I agree if these signs were put there to protect people then they should completely block it off. They wont though because all they are after is MONEY!

    Im not sure where else to go apart from FB and google to find others who have been caught but please let me know if you do becuase i am happy to help. I think this is definitely something either of those shows would be happy to hear about.
  5. Hi Emma

    I think the money is just an added "benefit". The source problem is that (some of) those residents beieve they are special and do not want people short-cutting through their area on the way to work. Rather than be constructive and effect changes to the general traffic flow in that area, they have decided to only look after their own interests and as a result have made traffic a lot worse.

    With traffic calming and a 40kmh speed limit, the whole safety issue really is not a valid argument anymore ... they don't want people using "their" public roads ... simple as that.

    I do believe I'm not the only one taking this particular ticket to court, so with a bit of luck all those ticket will simply get cancelled. But you can bet that the popo will regularly enforce those no left turn signs. While that street was still open, I frequently saw the cops doing sting operations in the other streets to catch people turning left there.

    Personally, I'd like to see a wall erected around that whole area and have it declared a private estate, with residents footing the bill for any and all maintenance, including roads ... after all, if I can't use the public facitilies there, then why should I have to pay for them?! :)


    PS: Will be performing a sun dance tonight ... sooooo sick of this rain ... :nopity:
  6. Um, No.
  7. It sucks getting a ticket. But if the sign was visibly displayed I'm not sure what recourse you have? Most traffic offences are of the strict or absolute liability kind. Unless you have a defence surrounding the visibility of the sign or a defence of honest and reasonable mistake I'm not particularly sanguine about your chances.
  8. I agree that the law there sucks, but you just need to suck it up and accept you got caught disobeying a road rule.

    The residents have made enough noise to the right person, and therefore the laws are now in place. A few unhappy commuters who don't want to wait in traffic will have a snowflake's chance in hell of getting it repealed.

    Go to court if you want, but I hope you've got better defences than "it's not fair" and "it never used to be there". Fact of the matter is that it was on the day in question, and you 'ignoring' it means you have broken the law, and therefore fined. You should know that ignorance of the law is no defence at all, it's not even considered - save yourself the heartache of added costs.

    PS - If ACA or 60mins ran a story on this (60mins won't), do you really think the lawmakers are gonna change it? if they had any influence, minor traffic shit would be constantly under review.
  9. 3 demerit points seems very harsh for the offence...

    as long as they put up some warning signs prior to the change and didnt do the blitz on the very first day after sign change, there really isn't much you can do about this.
  10. what a rort. I am not familiar with the area, but looked at your map, why did they pick that particular street? Bega St? Do people try and rat run down it to beat the traffic? Certainly doesnt look like much of a shortcut on the map.

    I would write to them and try and get them to appeal the fine. If they are still there doing stings go and take photos of the setup and also the huge number of people getting fined and try and get them to prove whether they have given enough notice like in the media etc and street signage to warrant the fines /etc.
  11. Got done this morning cutting down Bega Street, I could have dealt with the $80 my bad new my luck would run out 1 day... but 3 demerit points!! that's what pissed me off, NOW I can rant! why they get to have their whole area blocked off is beyond me.... they should block access to my street too, for no obvious reason, maybe I don't like the noise or because kids walk my streets too. :nopity:
  12. I hate these no turn signs, especially the left ones. That is partly because I used to live in a street with one and in order to legally go home I had to go a long way around.

    Unfortunately, like traffic lights, they just seem to pop up everywhere and good luck trying to get rid of them or argue with a vindictive police officer.
  13. I agree, the law is stupid, and the demerit points is ridiculous, particularly when the turn itself is of no potential safety hazard (compared to no right turn across a busy arterial in peak hour).
  14. 3 demerit points is a bit of a wank... why so high?
  15. Well, like the new Police minister said on TV last night, the punishment needs to be punitive for it to work.

    Should we look forward to an upgrade of the points associated with speeding offences too? Maybe 3 points for 0-10, 6 points for 11-20, and suspension for 21+ ?

    QLD - soon to be the most kitten-friendly state in Australia!