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Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by vladpp, Mar 24, 2010.

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  2. best thing that could happen to a camira
  3. Never understood the hatred of Camiras here, It's only a Cavalier/Ascona... The J class was one of GM's most successful models.

    I bought a JE when I got here in 99 and stuck 200,000 k's on it with just the replacement of tyres and a water pump...
  4. .....we saw this guy at the Monster Trucks in Sydney this year!!:p ... it looked a bit precarious!! :eek:hno:
  5. Says a lot about the British car industry in the 1980s.

    Out here there were some good ones, but most blew smoke from very early on.

    They stood up pretty badly in minor accidents too. The occupants might be safe, but the cars could be written off at 30km/h.

    They didn't appear to wear too well either, with bits hanging off all over the place a few years after leaving the factory.
  6. The J class was a world car so it wasn't just the UK that had them, from what I can see most of the problems stemmed from the woeful build quality from Holden and the fact that once they had been Australianised they got so expensive that component quality was cut to get them back into the right price range.

    I had a few dings in mine I stood up just as well as any other car of the era.

    The annoying thing was that they never ran the same engines as the European ones Australia kept changing the emission regs at that time for some reason.
  7. ...... and here was I always thinking they were Italian cars. :-s

    Hey you! Camira! :LOL::twisted:(y)