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Revenge or Statement !!

Discussion in 'Archived' started by cascade63, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. For Sale is a plate off my now gone CBR.
    Ideal if you are now free and it's suitable to either brand of human ( M or F ). Have things been off the rails and now you're finding a new lease on life, getting your toys and lifestyle in order. Well why not whack this onto your pride and joy just to rub it in a little !!!! :biker:



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  2. $1 (waiting to be told) :)

    You need to add a price bud, T&C's
  3. Funny enough, I broke up with my missus ( :( ) about 6mths ago, AND I ride a CBR...
    Though she didn't allow herself to 'qualify' as my 'MRS'

    Good luck mate..awesome plate (y)...but.....

    Pssssst - check out the Rules (T&C's) for advertising in the classifieds section below :

    The bit about 'Best Offers'

    Cheers mate.
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  4. no more asain camel Nicko?
  5. Who knows dude...I still fly to Asia very regularly ;)

    Soooo, $200 ? Mate, that's a GREAT price. I am sure there are many Netriders here who rides CBRs and have perhaps broken up with their Mrs....or perhaps the 'Mrs' was the previous baby (2 wheeled variety)...

    Besides, they are more reliable... (ducks)

  6. I'm starting to think I've seen you riding around Tempy. What colour is your bike and gear?
  7. REPSOL scheme....I have several different outfits :D
  8. "outfits" hehehehe
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  9. okay....I've looked up REPSOL scheme (I'm sure no ones shocked I didn't know what that was :roll:) and yes I'm pretty sure I was pulled up (in car) next to you at lights a few weeks back
  10. Did I wink at you ? :LOL:

    Okaaaaay, back on topic...

    $200 bucks folks...I'm sure ex Missus have taken more of that away from you ! :D
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Not open for further replies.