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Revenge of the Fallen . . . .

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Feb 20, 2009.

  2. pfftt.

    The story line looks too complicated.
  3. Not enough Megan Fox in that trailer. :cry:

    Otherwise, cant wait for the movie.
  4. Enjoyed the first (lurve CGI!) will be back for more :grin:
  5. Definately going to see this when it comes out.... YEAH

    I can also see there being a Trilogy. Afterall, the Fallen are the baddies so they are likely to win in this round and then the 3rd will be the gooddies again...... Gotta love a trilogy.... Oh, one more thing, Spielberg is inviolved so there should be three (3).... :grin:
  6. Now you've begucking spoiled it for me!
  7. Just as long as the film doesn't end right in the middle of something good with "to be continued" like other f*&^ing films. :evil:
  8. Matrix 2. Then 3 didn't even start where the 2nd finished.
  9. That was the worst offender.
    Pirates of the Caribbean did the same (and that one really felt like a 2 hour film that had been deliberately "padded" just so they could split it into 2 and squeeze more money out of people from ticket and DVD sales).
  10. I'm predicting METROPLEX for the third installment!!
  11. i've said it elsewhere...

    this trailer makes me horny
  14. :worthlesspics: