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Rev Range Question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dan, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. OK a question from a bloke new to the world of high revving sports bikes...

    The R6 redlines at 15,500rpm, and even when I'm having a bit of fun, I generally won't get much over 10,000rpm.

    When commuting I generally shift at 6000rpm (bike cruises at 6000rpm at 110kph) in most gears, I might rev it out past 8000rpm but I'm not really looking to hit 'powerbands' between sets of lights 100 meters apart :shock: , and the fuel economy is OK ATM.

    My question is about the health of my engine, will lower revs cause less wear, or should I be revving out more regularly?

  2. It's more to do with it getting coked (as apposed to pepsied), give it a good canning every once in awhile to maintain a healthy set of valves.

  3. Dan, give it a right caning every once in a while.

    Part of the service ritual in the dealership where I worked involved giving the vehicle a right good thrashing if we felt the owner hadn't been driving it hard enough, and they always went better afterwards.

    Speaking as someone who rides a two stroke that needs 10,000rpm just to pull away from a set of lights, I have absolutely no mechanical sympathy whatsoever. Perhaps you could just lend it to me for the weekend?
  4. what's wrong with you son, 10,000rpm is where the fun begins :twisted:
  5. I totally understand Dan... me being an old fart used to engines that ran at "civilised" revs.. The Across redlines at 16,500, peak power (such that it is) at 14,500, Max torque (embarrasing small amount) at 10,500.

    I used to put around (relatively speaking) and rarely get up to 10,000.

    Sooty pistons and plugs is the result, plus other unseen things that happen to the rings etc.

    Now I'm used to the fact that it can actually do 16,500 without blowing up, and actually starts to come alive above 12,000, I rev it heaps much more often. In fact it really howls at 16,500 :twisted:

    If you value your license, please don't ring it out in every gear tho, I think you'll be breaking 100kph in first!!!! Your bike desperately needs a track day I feel.

  6. Go with what Iffracem writes...

    Or just drag any other bike of the lights... that is what most people do... just don't get shitty when some old beast beats you... generaly more cc bikes go faster...
  7. lordtb is right
    It doesn't matter how good your bike is, eventually you'll meet someone at the lights who has a better one.
  8. What was the cost code on the invoice did you chuck that under? "Gave machine spanking due to pussy owner" :LOL:

    Not gonna happen pal 8) :LOL:
  9. I wrung it out to 10,000 rpm on the way home, I'll give it a going over through Springbrook tommorrow - 5th and 6th gears are banned.

    I'll check the plugs before I head out too and see what they look like.

    I'm saving up for the track day, it's high on my list!

  10. Methinks the run outta Marysville last weekend got our bikes breathing nicely if WOT in top gear is good for bike every now and then...on redline...for 10minutes...not that we did of course 8)
  11. When i got my Revere recently, i kneew full well that the old guy who owned it, rode it like an old lady. It went ok, dont get me wrong, but the first sunny day i had, i gave it a good boot full to wollongong and back. Now it runs ven better. The old saying about 'blowing out the cob webs' is oh so true.
  12. Iv'e got a ZX2R sitting in the garage at the moment that I have been fixing for a friend and that red lines at 22,500 RPM. It has a nice pipe on it to and sounds awesome in full flight at red line for a 2fiddy. It does surprise me how hard this thing pulls for a 2fiddy.

  13. Dan
    dont be a big girls blouse , hit the tit and get into it .
    how much fun can you have riding around like an old mole :D
    you didnt by a R6 because it looked good you bought it because it moved.

    if you dont want to give it a bit i am sure gixxerrules or i are quite willing to cain the crap out of it for you. :D

    christ if you keep riding like that they will try and make you a Ulyssian. :LOL:
  14. groberts wrote
    Dem fighting words :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. lol!Too right! :LOL: :LOL: I'll even knock those chicken strips off for you if ya like Dan :D :wink:
  16. Yeah, Dan, take it out soon and give it a right old caning for half an hour or so, they are built to do it, and it'll widen the old eyes too!
    Just don't be like the git who got booked doing 160kph in his Ferrari across the Harbour Bridge years ago; when the cops pulled him up he said that his mechanic had told him to give it a good blast every now and then. The mechanic was, of course, right, but he could have chosen a less conspicuous place to follow his advice!
    I doubt if there is a more robust piece of mechanical equipment in the world today than the modern motorcycle engine.
    As for the chicken strips, weeeelllllll, that's another matter!
  17. Dan , flog it like you've never flogged it before , flog it at least once a week . I flog mine once a week and it feels great .
  18. :shock: :shock: :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. yep gromit... that's wot I thought.... unfortunate turn of phrase eh!
    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

  20. Will do! I just have to go for a ride then I'm straight onto it :LOL: