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Reuters Report: Yamaha and Suzuki motorcycles to merge.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cjvfr, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Amazing news out of the Reuters News Service


  2. Yer thursday ok
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  3. Yeah but Honda + Kawasaki would smash them anyday. Red + Green-how could you beat that combo?
  4. well I am red/green colour blind - they may end up invisible to me
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  5. I look forward to the release of the upcoming GSXR-1
  6. F*** today.
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  7. I know! no matter how many threads I read I keep falling for it for that half a second before I remember what day it is ](*,)
  8. So is that a Yamuki or a Suzaha now :-k If the merger were true, at least Suzuki would have a chance of actually placing in the GP this year.
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  9. Will no doubt feature such catchy and easy to remember model names such as the GSYRX-11trP and the YZYZYZRX32-P-GT3.
  10. Woke up at 8:30. Didn't believe I would keep my extra hour sleep until after midday.
  11. Damn right. I thought my flip clock's batteries were playing up at first because my laptop said it was an hour earlier. Then I thought my laptop was playing tricks on me because Apple is progressive and they seem to like keeping things light hearted. Then I wondered how deep the conspiracy ran because daylight saving wasn't mentioned on The Age website. So I checked the government website to see if it was the end of daylight saving, but became paranoid that the beige gits had developed a sense of humour.

    Then some clever people on here wrote articles about Mercedes bikes and Yamakawazukionda's.