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Returning to the land of the riders!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cbwolf, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. Well, some of you may remember my short lived stint of being a rider as posted on these forums.

    I got my learners permit and first bike (92 CBR250RR) in October 2007, then, on December 6 2007 i got cleaned up by a prick in a 4WD pulling out infront of me. Got the typical "Sorry mate didn't see you". Luckily i was only injured a little bit but my baby was a write off. The guys insurance did pay out - eventually.

    Anyway, almost 8 months on and i'm ready to get another bike and start riding again, although i assume i'm going to be shit scared the first few times i ride again. :(

    So, with the new introduction of LAMS into VIC, it's opened up my bike selection a little. Basically, i'm looking for a full faired sports bike and after much searching and searching, i'v narrowed it down to two options (If you have any others, please suggest).

    Honda RVF400
    - Pros: Honda reliability, looks decent, decent power/torque
    - Cons: Getting on a bit, used so no warranty

    Hyosung GT650R
    - Pros: Warranty, looks decent, good torque/power (unrestricted)
    - Cons: Reliability concerns

    So basically, i'v read pretty much everything i can on the forums and people seem to HATE the Hyosungs. Lots of reliability issues and whatnot.

    But, does anyone have any experience with the RVF400's? How are they for size? (I'm 6'1"). Power? Touring? Handling? Parts?

    If i'm missing any other decent possiblities, please let me know (Not interesting in the GS500's - just hate the look of them).

    Thanks guys! :)
  2. Hey
    Good stuff on gettin back on. I ride a GT250r hyosung. Only reason I got it is because all the other 250's were really uncomfortable. Im 6"3, so we're almost the same height, and i have problems with my knees and the 250's out there were just way too small to ride.
    In saying that, my bike has been good to me, even though everyone hates hyosungs, but I would definatley not get a GT650r. In my opinon, for my next bike, I'll be geting a big name brand bike (yama, kawa etc) becuase i'll be doing alot of track days etc and would prob just feel safer.

    If the Honda is your only option, go the honda, but remember, the whole point of LAMS is so you can keep your bike after you get off your restrictions. Is there no other bike you would consider ? Or...get another 250RR and sell it when you're off ur restrictions...then get a urself a nice bike.
  3. There's the new Honda CB400. Good bike by all accounts. I ride the Hyo GT650RL and like it :)
  4. im another 1 that hasnt had a problem yet with my Hyosung (got a 3 year warranty just incase)

    how much you looking at spending on your next bike??, whats your max, might help with choices people give you...
  5. If you want to get a Hyo get the 250, the 650 is a piece of shit. Unless you like having your bike in the shop stay far away.
  6. Right on schedule!

    Stigger my man you never fail to disapoint.
  7. Why???

    Am I not allowed an opinion then...

    You say they're good I say they're shit.

    Where's the difference...
  8. Im about 6'3... 190cm with no shoes on.

    I fit on almost every common 250. including the CBR's and ZXR's

    Don't go by the 30 seconds test fit at the dealer, RIDE THE BIKE! you will be amazed at the difference

    The bike i wanted was a Zxr 250 i didn't get one because i didnt fit, i've ridden another netriders one a few times now i fit fine. better then my so called bigger bike.
  9. Hey guys thanks for the replies, pretty much thiis is what i'm after:

    - Around $8k max
    - More power then my previous CBR (As fun and chuckable as it was, after 3 months and commuting daily, the lack of power started to wear thing)
    - Full faired sports bike

    I don't really care about size as i'm 6'1" and honestly didn't have an issue with my 250 - always found it comfortable.

    As for the Hyosungs, i really don't want the 250 for the lack of power. Why are the 650's so bad? Arent they the exact same bike save for the engine? Is isn't the engine the same as in the SV650? *shrug*

    Either way, a decent owered full faired sorts bike i what i'm after.

    I'v only come across the GT650r and the RVF400 that are LAMS approved. :(
  10. Stigger's opinion aside, (not discounting it, just that it's only one opinion) there are hundreds of 650 LAMS Hyosungs racing round Sydney, have been for years now, and the horror stories just don't seem to be borne out in the broad ownership base.
  11. The RVF400 is an impressive bike.

    Power: "How is this learner legal???"
    Handling: You think where you want to go and the bike goes there.
    Prices: High :( ... but I spose your resale will be good if you don't crash it.
    Comfort: Not real different from a CBR250RR.

    ... it's a big engine in a learner bike-frame ie. the seat is uncomfortable, the riding position is less than comfy, the fuel tank won't suit your body-shape.

    So: lot of engine in an old 2nd hand, thrashed Honda.

    Try to find a good one. I'd buy an RVF400 before I bought a Hyo 650.
  12. Short answer, it's definitely not on the Victorian LAMS list. It comes in well over the 150kw/tonne.
  13. Well thank YOU, Mr Party-Pooper :LOL:.
  14. Q: whats the diff between a Hyo and a sheep ??

    A: its a lot less embarrasing when you stop and get off the sheep :LOL:

    (sorry guys, old CX500 joke polished up and rebadged)

  15. They are bad because they drop valves with gay abandon, plus other slightly less expensive foibles.

    They aren't the same as the 250 they share only the tank, seat, and plastics (and possibly the wheels???).

    The only similarity between the engines is that they are both 650 90 deg v twins...

    You won't get a new one for $8000 they're about $8700 + orc...

    Paul if you look most of those are 250's because they are cheaper and more reliable... If you look at there figures they sold about 350 in 2007 which was their best year by a long way I'd be surprised if there was a thousand in Australia total...
  16. I haven't checked the sales figures, I must admit, but they were a current model over three years ago when I bought the Hornet, so there must be a few around......
  17. Yeah they have been around since 2004 they sold 371 in 2007 which apparently was a 135% increase over 2006. Which isn't many and I think a lot of them are out the back of my dealers waiting for parts...
  18. Seriously blokes,
    I have recently brought home a GS500F for the missus. Did a lot of reading about them and found out the following

    1) They are reliable, the GS500 motor has been about for ages and is recognised as being a pretty good motor, very simple, air cooled

    2)They have enough power to keep the average rider interested for a few years (32-34 kW from my sieve like memory)

    3) Im 6'3" tall and rode it comfortably


    3) they can be a bit wallow'y in corners when pushed hard can be fixed with a spacer or a stiffer set of springs)

    4) When I rode home it sounded more like I was running up a set of curtains than riding along the highway (they sound like a sewing machine).
    Ive christened hers 'singer'

    Hope this was a little more helpful than my last post :)

  19. Infact it is on the list - go check it out. The bike has always been there though for a few days dissapeared though as of today is back on the list... og figure, but pls don't ask too many questions - I've bought one and don't want it to dissapear before I receive deliver with a nice little LAMS label!! :)

    I too evaluated the Hyos (thanks Peter Stevens) though decided a good RVF400 would be a better long term buy and I have more confidence it will hang together regardless of the fact it is 10 years old.... now I hope I get a good one....

    I figure there are a whole lot of CBR250s around that get about just fine, and the RVFs are less thrashed in general I believe so I am confident...ish.... :)