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Returning to the fold

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Scott_Noworries, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. G'day folks.Returning to the fold ater 20-something years of being "between bikes". Hoping to purchase a "project" XS1100 shortly, and see what she's like under the skin :)

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  2. Welcome back :)
  3. Ah, the legendary Excessive Elephant! Welcome to Netrider and best wishes on the project.
  4. Welcome to NR, look forward to seeing your project.
  5. Thankgya....thangyaverymush.....
    Lookin' forward to seeing the old banger in the flesh in a couple of months.
  6. Welcome to the forum..
    Will watch this space for the updates on your project!
  7. Welcome back from another who has rediscovered biking after a looong hiatus! You'll have a blast.
  8. Got a mate with an XS1100 sitting in his shed, sidecar and all. Won't sell it to me though lol.

    Be interested to see what you do with one.

    And welcome (y)
  9. Got a left-field idea buzzing around in the back of my head. Had a hankerin' to build a trike for 20 years...... Layin' under a Subaru the other day - just lookin' and thinkin'...... It's tidy under there, and pretty self contained except for the top shock mounts......and the XS is a shaftie........
  10. Howdy and welcome!
  11. Welcome back to bikes...and to NR..