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Returning to Riding...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Martha May, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. Getting back into riding after nearly ten years. Glad to find out not much has changed... clutch, gear, brake levers all still pretty much in the same place. Still get a fantastic feeling on giving the throttle a good twist, and still breaking into a spontaneous grin at unexpected moments! Yep, definitely worth it!

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  2. Ain't nothing like it! Welcome back.
  3. Welcome back! Yes, can't beat that wrist-twisting grin :)
  4. Yeh...Bikes can cause such emotional reactions...

    Welcome back...
  5. Welcome.

    Would I recognise your bike?
  6. Welcome, Martha. There's a lot of NetRiders in your/our area.
  7. Don't forget to take it easy as you get back into the groove. It's a bit too easy to think your skills are just as good as when you last rode, but they're not. We all lose some of our sharpness through lack of practice. Be a little patient with yourself and take it easy to begin with and you'll be back in no time. :)
  8. Welcome Back Martha and enjoy your ride...

    Be patient and have a service done on your bike (check chain, engine oil, brake fluid, tyre pressure) etc and be safe
  9. Thanks for the advice guys. Yes it actually was quite a shock when I started riding again, everything felt weird and I'd even lose my balance at the lights (she's tall, my bike). It's getting there though, feels better every ride. I had a top moment the other day at the local lights, I saw a litre bike pull up and then he was napping, looking down at something so I saw my chance.... I gunned it at the green and blew him off for, oh all of 20, 25m til he woke up and left me in his dust. Good fun but!
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  10. Cool as and enjoy..... you will be riding better than the arsemonkeys on NR in a day or so

    Now the "oh new female we must tell them speech" is over, the pic of the bike you posted, F650GS ?
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  11. Oh the bike, yep it's a G650GS. And since no-one's asked, yeah, I'm smokin!
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  12. Welcome to the sausage factory :)
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  13. Yeah they go good. I had the F700GS for a few days while my bike was in for a service. Even though they are tall they lean over quite good through the corners.

    Northern Beaches ? Have you been through McCars Creek or the Old Pacific Highway recently?
  14. Hi Cam, why yes I believe you would recognise this bike (and rider). Womble, I look forward to meeting a few locals, particularly in the new year I'll hopefully have some more riding time.

    The F700GS - it's a very nice bike. Might be my go-to in a few years. Yes, I've been riding McCarr's Creek a bit, and the Old Road a fair bit more. Shame about the 'new' speed limit on the Old Road now.
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  15. welcome back Martha. enjoy every minute of it:]
  16. Hello Martha, well done getting back into riding. Nice to see another awesome and no doubt smokin girl here :)