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Returning to Riding NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by silver1980, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I've recently been a lurker on here and thought that it was time to say hi and introduce myself.

    I'm likely older than most 'new starters' here at 34, and live in Sydney.

    I'm a former rider and have previously owned a CBR250RR, Ninja 636, GSXR750, Triump Speed Triple and R1.
    Despite having a full licence in the UK when i lived there I foolishly did not transfer my licence back over when moving back to Australia and are now starting again fresh.

    This is not such a bad thing as it has been the best part of 9 years since I rode last (and to be fair I wasn't the greatest skilled rider anyway)...

    Learner course to be done on Wed and Thursday and all going well to pick out a bike on Friday/Saturday.

    Wish me luck.
  2. Just to add to my original post I have my heart and cash set on a 2015 Ninja 300 SE ebony and moondust. :)
  3. Ugh.. double post
  4. Cool and welcome. I only got my L's when I was 33. At least you will only be restricted for a year, assuming you have a car licence or higher.
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  5. Welcome aboard, and good luck for your learners'.
  6. Thanks guys.

    Yep fully licenced but will likely stick with a LAMS bike for some time post move to fulls.
  7. Welcome, silver1980 and best of luck with everything!
  8. Welcome mate, you are certainly not the oldest new starter here =D

    All the best with getting your L's and the bike purchase
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  9. Welcome to NR! All the best for your test :)
  10. Welcome back to the joys of two wheels!
  11. Welcome ! 34 is young!
  12. Thanks everyone :)

    Call me awfully optimistic but I bought a bike today.
    2015 Ninja 300 SE (moondust and ebony).
    Now just to get licence so I can pick it up and join you all on the road. :)
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  13. Optimistic? Nonsense. Congrats on the new ride and welcome back to motorcycling.
  14. Just a quick update.

    Learner Course...done
    Learner Test.......done
    Licence in hand..done
    Bike picked up....done
    Having fun..........done

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  15. Fixed it for you.

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  16. Welcome young pup! :D
  17. If you held a full license in the UK you only need to take your full UK license to the RTA and they will give you a full Australian license. There are mutual recognition arrangements in place. Similar to you I returned to riding after a much longer gap and did my Ls and passed my MOST test, 6 weeks into my Ps I found my UK license and took it to the RTA and was given a full AU license under the above arrangements.
  18. I have no idea where my old licence is... we've moved several times since returning to Australia and not one single recollection of seeing it.

    If it does turn up I'll be taking advantage of it. Until then I'm at least back on a bike (and had the opportunity to try and squash some old bad habits)... :)
  19. I hope you find it or can get a replacement from DVLC
  20. welcome aboard :] starting at 34 a spring chicken you are :wacky: