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Returning to Riding after Shoulder Surgery ?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by kazjim, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. hey all, I'm nearly back to 100% after my Mid- Janurary Shoulder reconstruction and, Of Course, I'm thinking Bikes....

    Out of the Sling today and it feels good .. a little pain at the far "extension" (ie lifint arm straight out from body) and overhead....

    So, has anyone else had this done ?

    How soon were you back on the wheels ?

    I wanna ride NOW, but know its probably not a great idea.....

  2. I had surgery on my wrist back in November, im killing to get back out there on a bike... my injuries have mended really well.
    Just have to wait untill I see the specialist on the 28th of this month to get the 'all clear'

    However, im probably going to take a bike for a test ride this week hah.
  3. Wazza/Undii had (major) surgery on his shoulder in August. He still can't walk much without needing a sling as his shoulder "pops" out of joint. Funnily enough the most he feels comfortable is on the bike so he rides a fair bit but nothing too full on as he doesn't want to risk any type of accident whilst still healing. He always says he'd be bouncing off the walls by now if he couldn't ride and was stuck at home so it's been good therapy for him. It's pretty good to see his smiling face when he comes back from a ride because he doesn't get much fun other times due to pain that comes and goes. I think he started riding about 1-2 months after the surgery, maybe 3 before he was confident enough to ride somewhat normal. Best of luck with getting back on the bike :)
  4. I have been in a similar situation.

    The problem wasn't the strength or movement (I was pretty much right after 5-6 weeks), but you could instantly undo al that expensive surgeons work with only a minor off. I think the total healing time is 6 months, but I was back riding after 3 months off.

    So it's really a matter of risk versus reward.

    Your call and good luck with the healing. :)
  5. G'day mate,

    I'm a physio and have treated this a couple of times.


    As you should know if it's a full reco then the surgeon will not even let you rotate your arm outwards from your body for 8 weeks. You need to do alot of work to build strength and co-ordination through the muscles that keep your shoulder stable if not the hard work of the surgery (and all your hard earned pennies) will be ruined because (1) you did not allow the body to repair the severed tissues from the surgery and (2) you do not have the strength to protect your glenohumeral joint/ keep your shoulder girdle stable with the correct musculature and as you said yourself- you do not even have full range yet..

    I know it sucks but it will be worth it in the long run.

    PM me if you want any more help.

  6. Thanks Camo,
    It was a stabilisation for posterior subluxation, using a reverse bankhart (?)
    and SLAP (i think...)

    he's got me out of the sling now (5 weeks)

    and probably returning to work next week ....

    Thanks for thoughts !

  7. I smashed my left shoulder up real bad on April 21st last year. Broke the scapula into 5 big pieces, and crush fractured the glenoid into a 4-5 pieces as well. It's all one big bone, of course, but yeah, pretty big mess. Got operated on to pin/plate the bone, and they went in from the back, cutting away most of the shoulder muscles that connect across the scapula to gain access to the bone. Operation happened on the 25th April.

    After around 6 weeks, started physio, doing lots of exercises to strengthen the shoulder muscles up. I started riding the bike again on the 8th July, so at around 10 weeks after the operation, and it was a 450km ride. That was fairly borderline, and I was sore afterwards. More physio, more exercises, and really got stuck into riding frequently about 2 weeks after that.

    So yeah, I'd echo the recommendation above that you'd want to be waiting for at least a good full 12 weeks, and most importantly, make sure you keep doing those exercises. At 10 weeks I was still only at around 25-30% strength in the shoulder region, and it was only after that when the strength really started to pick up quickly. Those extra few weeks really do make all the difference.

    Now that I'm 10 months on, strength is at around 80-90% of what it used to be, and mobility is at around 98%. There's really no position that I can't do with my "bad" shoulder, using my "good" shoulder as a reference for what's possible, but I still feel some discomfort at the end of the possible ranges of movement. Not pain, just tightness and twinging, and it'll have a dull throb afterwards if I try to extend it too far. I do keep doing it though 'cos I don't want the muscles to contract and lose that range of motion. I've heard that it'll take around a good full two years for the discomfort to almost totally cease.

    If you've got any other questions about what it feels like, or whatever, just ask away.
  8. The Doctor tested my movement and tightness on Friday and pronounced me "fit to ride . . . Get out there! "

    did tell me that if i fall, i have to fall on the right side.... even things up :grin:

    Went for a short ride today, and absolutely NO pain or tightness !

    Seeing him again on Friday for more checkups.... but the exercise should do me good (helps that he's a rider :p )

    Cheers all, see you out there again