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Returning to riding after a BIG off.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by oz_johnno, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. I was at rehab today and I asked my my OT what the go was with me returning to riding.

    She printed off a form that needed to be filled out by the doc, then I needed to be assessed (knowledge of road rules, reflexes etc) then I had to be re-assessed by vic-roads.

    and THATS just to drive a car.

    WTF ?

    Then she didnt know if there were any additional requirements for a motorcycle....

    Then I thought there would be someone on here who would know.

    So, I turn my ear to the masses....... anyone know if there are additional requirements for riding ?

  2. Don't see why there would be. In the eyes of the authorities, a licence is a licence and if you're fit to hold a car one, you're fit to hold a bike one.

    Welcome back BTW :D.
  3. thanks for that patb, but I wont be back on a bike until I can turn my head suffiently to do a proper head check.

    10 weeks in the neck brace from hell means I cant turn my head fer shite

  4. When I was out of the trauma ward (half were motorcyclists), I called up VicRoads. Forgot the exact answer but as long as you have a valid license there's no additional requirements. Best to double check with them, rules may have changed. All the best with your rehab.
  5. Cheers gogo :)

  6. Interesting. When I've visited mates in hospital, everyone else in the orthopedic ward were (1) builders who'd fallen off scaffolding/ladders (2) blokes who'd crocked themselves playing various codes of football and (3) old buggers with broken hips. No other bikers at all.

    Mind you, that was all a while ago and in another country. These days I've got no mates to visit so my straw-poll data is out of date :D.
  7. Two cases come immediately to mind OZ.

    Kittiminx who smashed herself up pretty bad. She lost the strength in her arm and had to do a little ride test to see if she could adequately control the bike.

    The other one was a courier i worked with who pulled a superman without his helmet and crushed his skull. He had emergency surgery to release the pressure from his brain and had a plate inserted in his skull. He lost speech and balance and eventually got to sit a little ride test once he was signed off on by rehab.
  8. Epworth Rehab in Richmond is full of riders year round. Some more messy than others.
  9. In all seriousness I don't know but am interested and there is method to my madness, why do you need to get the Dr to fill out the form? Has Vic Rds already taken your licence off you? Or has the Dr sent in a Licence review to Vic Rds and you need to get the forms filled out. And whats "then I had to be re-assessed by vic-roads." mean is that a driving test? If so you might have to do a riding test as well.

    Good to see you getting better and positively thinking about riding again. Now you'll have to start looking for a new red wiggle suit.:p
  10. Oh yeah that reminds me OZ, do you remember our deal? And do you have any runs on the board yet?