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Returning to netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ducati_davidson, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    I used to be a member of Netrider many years ago when i had my first bike a VTR 250, I've since forgotten the login and grown bored of the Harley forum so thought i would join up here again to once again enjoy a bit of reading.

    I'm currently riding a 2103 HD fourty-eight sportster 1200cc with the usual add ons (pipes,tuner,filter,seat,ect)
    It's been a great bike and when ridden within it's limitations it's quite enjoyable to ride. I always seem to get complements on it which i take a lot of pride in.

    I plan to hang onto it for another few years but i would like to consider upgrading to a Ducati Diavel Carbon.
    I'm tempted to take one for a ride but fearful i might start obsessing over one if i do. Time will tell.

    I cannot upload photo's from photobucket as it's blocked by my works IT Dept once i'm home i will share some more photos, My avatar pic was the only one i was able to upload.
  2. Welcome Back Ducati_Davidson,
  3. Welcome back
  4. Welcome back! I've been here nearly ten years, some others for longer so you might recognise some of us....
  5. Welcome back, you've not missed much.
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  6. Welcome back oozukoozuk
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  7. thanks for the account merge mouth8-|
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  8. welcome back on board:]
  9. Welcome back and I think it's pretty cool you are riding a bike from the future. It's good to know Hardley survive the a apocalypse.
  10. haha well this has been an awesome introduction.

    I think I'm going to like it here again
  11. Welcome... Mr. Davidson...

    Does Mrs Davidson know that you've got a soft spot for a busty Italian?

  12. Haha i'm afraid she does, i get that usual "eye roll" when i ask to pull into the ducati dealership for a bit of a look.