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Returning to Learning need help with gears.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Jeffo, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Hey guys i planning on going back to trying to learn how to ride, my first lesson ended pretty bad when i came off going about 40km/hr and spent 9 hours in the hospital getting scans.

    I realized that i am terrified of the idea that i'm going to screw up the gear changing again. The problem i have is that as i'm going down in gears (going up is easy) i can't match the revs properly so the bike "engine brakes and i get throw forward then when i bring revs up to fix the bike jerks forwards and i get thrown back. How do i change gears on the way down without this happening. A mate told me to "blip" the throttle to get the revs high before i let the clutch out but i don't really get how that works.

  2. If the bike is engine braking too hard, then you are changing down too soon and the bike is revving to hard.. So when you hit the throttle again the acceleration is very twitchy, this is again because the revs are already high..

    You need to change down at lower revs, give that a try and see how you go..

    And what your mate means by blipping the throttle is as you push down on the gear lever you give the engine a slight rev.. Not too much though, just a slight flick of the throttle..
  3. What blue said. The easiest cure for this is to change down a gear later. If I were you and struggling to change down gears I would forget the the blipping of the throttle for now as it gives you 1 less thing to concentrate on.

    Just change down gears later and slowly let the clutch out to let the engine slowly get to the wheels speed just as you would in a car. As you get used to it you get a better feeling for when to change and how hard the engine brakes when you let the clutch out faster.

    How blipping of the throttle works is its basically a technique used to reduce the chance of compression lockup and make braking smoother. By blipping the throttle you increase the engines speed so it does not have to catch up to the wheels speed and allows you to change down gear earlier and smoothly. But remember if you still change down to early and the engine is not capable of going the speed it will be driven by the wheels and cause compression lockup which is well not fun especially on a bike :shock:

    Hope that explains it a little and good luck
  4. as the others said above, sounds like you are changing down your gears far too high in the rev range, which then throws the revs up even high on the gear down.

    and also as has been said, dont worry about blipping the throttle and rev matching. because the last thing you want right now is more throttle while your trying to slow down. save that for when you have more experience.

    one question... have you driven a manual car?

    if you havent, go out and do a bunch of driving, so you can understand how a clutch works and when to shift.

    i know they are quite different, but understanding whats going on will help you out a lot. and its a lot safer to make the mistake in a car.
  5. Have no idea what kinda bike you have .. but just on checking the manual for my VTR250 .. it gives the follow max speeds to change to the lower gear ..

    --------------Max Speed
    5th to 4th - 130Km
    4th to 3rd - 100Km
    3rd to 2nd - 70Km
    2nd to 1st - 45Km

    Now these are the MAX speeds you should change down at .. my riding prolly has me changing the gears down at least 30km's below the above speeds for the relevant gears. Typically, I wont switch back from 2nd to 1st until I'm almost stopped!! (but thats where the great low end power of a V Twin comes to its own :grin: )

    So, yeah, if yr changing back to 1st at 40k's .. yr bike not gunna be real happy, and it will be reving REAL high !! Best advice as above .. forget the blipping for now, and just delay/slowdown more before down shifting.

  6. Thanks for the advice guys the speed i was actually changing the gears at was about 20km/hr and that was second to first. The reason i was goign 40 was because i held on and pulled the throttle back on accident.

    I'm planning on booking my learning rides again so hopefully if i take it slowly i should be ok.

    And yeah i have driven a manual car it is what i learnt in.
  7. if in doubt let the clutch out a whole lot slower so you can feel it grab

    being jerky with the clutch car or bike is never going to be much fun

    best of luck
  8. thought about starting with a scooter and learning how to ride it before worrying about gears?
  9. I was having no trouble riding, i was actually doing really well when we were just going round the carpark in first gear and stopping was good too but i really struggled when stopping when we bought gears into it.
  10. Yeah as others have said, no need to go into first until you're doing almost no kms an hour, ie. at a walking pace - and even then you want to be very smooth with the clutch.
  11. ^^ What everyone else said. I'd reiterate that you should avoid the blipping thing for now...

    I'd also suggest practicing the down changes from 3rd to 2nd at around the 30km/h mark as it's a lot more forgiving...
  12. Just let the clutch out really really slow, if it starts to roar, tuck it back in and give it a bit more front brake until you can release the clutch all the way without the deafening roar and rear wheel stoppage.
  13. when you're stopping you don't need to let the clutch out in first!
    change down just before you stop and leave the clutch in.
    then you're in first ready to go.
    you can stop in 2nd but it can be tricky changing down when you are stopped.
    the gap between the other gears is more manageable
  14. also if you want to throw some money at the issue, maybe try one of the beginner or one on one training with stay upright..

    i think if i hadn't had so many years of manual cars and a bit of dirt bikes thrown in there i wouldn't have been to confident with the gear system myself

    i remember the first time on the dirt bike i was pretty confused and got it wrong a few times, keep at it!
  15. I was actually doing one of these courses while i fell off it was threw Morgan and Wacker.
  16. Well .....listen....and more practice.
  17. Mate, riding isn't for everyone. Try a few more times (classes) and see if you really want to blip that throttle in traffic.