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Returning to biking, is there a $9k Tiger 1050?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by professordog, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Howdy. Returning to biking after 14 years and wondering what to get. The bikes I sold back then were a VFR750 and an XT600. Loved the trailie, VFR was very accomplished etc.

    Looking for something big and non-sports, suitable for touring and doodling in the hills now that I'm old. The Tiger 1050 looks perfect if it wasn't $17k. Speed Triple, CB1300 get closer to the price I want to pay, but what are the options? Cheers.
  2. v strom 650 that has been pre-loved for a little while.
  3. I aint selling but recently bought a Hornet 900 grunt, upright seat position and not too pricey, mines an 06 model though
  4. depends if you want dirt-ability. because a hornet would be ok.

    but an early fz1 would be great.
  5. If you want a bit of everything...try a V-Strom. Better than it should be - as noted in this month's Two Wheels
  6. Tiger 1050's not really supposed to go on dirt anyway. It's more of an upright-seating sports-tourer; a semi-faired more-comfortable Speed Triple, rather than an offroad adventure bike or big trailie.

    It does have medium-travel suspension, upright seating and wide handlebars in its favour for offroading and unpaved roads... But 17" sportsbike wheels and low-hanging important bits both make unpaved roads harder than they ought to be and high-stakes if the Tiger does end up taking a dirt nap or runs out of clearance.

    (Mind you, that's not stopped my Tiger from getting a few hundred kilometres of gravel under its paws over the years)
  7. so its something a bit more sporty than say a tdm 850/900. i remember being a pillion on a tdm 850 going around supercross track. was a little scary.

    maybe a ktm 950 supermoto.... or suzuki bandit.....

    but the early fz1 was a real gem, good pillion comfort, easy riding position. plenty of power. proper adjustable suspension. good fuel range.
  8. The early FZ1 IS a real gem, has all the above. And for less than 9k you can find some very very good examples. I have a 2003, does it all tour/scratch/commute. I've put 30k on mine in the last 2 years, hasn't missed a beat. Every time I test ride something newer I get back on my skunk and think "why would I?"
  9. yes they are a fantastic bike.

    my old man had a 2001 model one and to this day kicks himself for selling it...
  10. The more I look, the more I like the idea of less cylinders, so maybe a V-Strom or TDM is it. (V-Strom 1000 or 650?) I've done several Japanese 4s over the years, plus I'm less interested in top end power than I was.

    Looks and appeal-wise they just don't grab me like the Tiger (#1) or Speed Triple (#2) though. (In fact, the 800 XC is making me think how I might use it.) I clearly am liking the idea of a Triumph, but right now the extra cost is too much.

    I need to look around and think a bit more.
  11. Anecdotally the wee-strom (650) seems the more popular and better-liked one compared to the bigger 'n heavier 1000. I'm not sure why, though. The 650's very much a bargain for what it is and does.

    The Tiger 800 road version is aimed more at Wee-strom 650 and BMW F650GS territory in terms of 'purpose' and features, specifications. In terms of 800 vs 800XC, the 800's probably the better bet for onroad use and gravel roads (ala Vstrom) while the XC is aimed squarely at the BMW F800GS and sacrifices a bit of road sportiness for better offroad capabilities.
  12. There is a new 650 strom out in a few months so the old one is getting run out.
  13. Tiger 1050 has a deal going at the moment - $13 990 + ORC. They're a good bike.

    There's at least one new one on Bikesales (Vic) advertised for 15 grand, out the door.

    Ring around and maybe wait a bit, and there should be some good deals, because with the 800 about and the new 1200ish not far off they'll be looking to clear them and the accessories.

    Bikepoint Tiger 1050 News
  14. That's damn good as well
  15. DR650 with pumper carb and 780cc kit