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Returning rider of sorts...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Shadowfax, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    After playing around with trail bikes in my youth and paddock bikes when my son got interested, I've finally got back on a road bike. I went through part of the NSW rider training system, doing the pre-learner course, which I found really valuable in teaching me some skills I never knew about and disabusing me of some long term bad habits. I've since moved to the NSW far south coast and now have a red P on the back of my bike. I missed out on the pre-provisional training but have done a couple of intermediate courses. One was with Stay Upright at Queanbeyan (Including on the Fairbairn Hillclimb Circuit) and the other with Paul Reilly of Skillmaster, down here on the south coast. They were both really worthwhile and I feel that I've developed some valuable riding and roadcraft skills that will hopefully keep me on the bike and off the deck!

    Waiting for December when I can go to a full licence, go faster, get a bigger bike and take my wife for a ride!

    My current ride is a 2010 Suzuki GSX650F (LAMS model) which is a great little bike. Most of my riding is open road stuff and the only mod I've done so far is to go up one tooth on the countershaft sprocket which makes the bike more relaxed at highway speeds.

    My last ride was yesterday with a mate who rides another Suzi. We travelled down the Princes Hwy, turned off on the Snowy Mtns Hwy for a brief stop at Bemboka, then across to Candelo, over Myrtle Mountain to Pambula, and back via Merimbula, Tathra and Bermagui. This is basically the route of the Poker Run that happens every October and it is an absolute cracker of a ride. Beautiful weather, if a little cold, very light traffic; saw less than ten other bikes on the ride but encouragingly, they all waved!

    I look forward to being a part of the Netrider community.
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  2. Welcome to Netrider, and to the roads proper. You have some beautiful roads down there, so enjoy them!
  3. G'day ShadowfaxShadowfax, welcome to Netrider. The day in December when you get your unrestricted licence will be a good one - mine will come around in April 2016. The Stay Upright courses sound good. I live in an 'undeclared area' where only the Learner rider knowledge test and then Provisional MOST test apply and it will be good to do some further training as you've done.

    As hornethornet said the roads and scenery in your region are beautiful - the wind coming. off the Snowies would definitely get your attention though!
  4. Welcome to NR
  5. welcome aboard :]
  6. Welcome ShadowfaxShadowfax a few folk down your neck of the woods
    how far south are you? Really beautiful down that way...sigh...one day.
    I'm planning on a little ride down to visit my sister and her hubby at Mystery Bay soon...
    I get off my Red P in late November and I am gagging for it to be gone !
    jazzfanjazzfan often goes for a little fang over the mountains down there, sometimes with lights that are working ;)
  7. G'day ShadowfaxShadowfax and welcome to NR.

    They are nice roads down here for sure. If only the bloody council looked after them a bit better...

    When it warms up a bit you wanna do the upper bit of Mt Darragh Rd, from Wyndham towards Cathcart/Bombala. Lovely stretch of road - and it's actually in pretty good nick at the moment.
  8. Hey ShadowfaxShadowfax . Lovely neck of the woods where you are ....got 3 months and Im off my reds and onto full license!!!