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Returning Rider Here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by AlGroover, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone. After 10 years on 4 wheels only, I've got myself another bike - a Scorpio for the daily commute. My first bike was in '73 with a new RD250 and later some other strokers, Benelli 250 2Ce, Suzuki X7 and RZ250. I wish I'd kept some of those. I also had something of a racing career through mid 70's to '81 with TA and TZ Yamahas and a few others.

  2. Hi Al. Welcome back to two wheels and welcome to the nuthouse. :)

    Hope you can share some of your good bike stories - looks like you've had an interesting bike past!
  3. Alright, spill the beans, you raced a TA and a TZ; who are you, really??? :)

    Welcome to Netrider anyway :) :).
  4. Get over to the racing section. The Moderator there is a good bloke. He'll make you welcome.
  5. Hi Al.
    Very big welcome from Mexico land. Did you cross the Nullabor during your racing days?
  6. Hello again. I did all my racing over here in the west from '74 to '81 under racing number 83. My first big result was 3rd place in the 125cc class of the Jerramungup TT of '75. There ya go Hornet600, that should give you enough info to track me down. I just tried to post a photo but can't seem to get it to work. Must be doing something wrong. Ah yes, the TA125. Air cooled, 5 speed, drum brakes, 24 factory claimed hp, 2.5 inch wide tyres. If you tell that to the young people of today....
  7. We had a renowned poster from the West on here some time back; he is much missed, but he, too did lots of road-racing over there. He also flies planes and stuff; maybe your paths crossed, as he is also around 58 years old.

    Post-Image WILL work for you after you have logged up 15 posts or more, hang in there.

    As for the TA-125, I had a friend named Kevin Arnold, who worked as a conveyor belt repairer in the Hunter Valley coal mines, in the 1970s, and raced a TA with a very effective Earles-type front suspension and the biggest front brake ever seen on a TA!!! Took it to the Isle of Man for the 75th anniversary meeting too, he did!
  8. Put your racing shots in the racing section,and do it soon. We all wanna look.
  9. Ok here's the photo I tried to post before. It's a very young me (on bike!) on the TA at Bunbury in '75.

    Note the roadside post characteristic of these closed road circuits and the period costume worn by spectators.
  10. :shock: The haybales :shock:

    :shock: The flares :shock:

  11. Paul, you wore flares too, back when we had hair.
  12. Hi Al welcome look forward to seeing more pictures reading some history if you feel the urge to share
  13. Welcome.

    Great photo, it's mindboggling just imagining the experiences you would have had.