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Returning rider - 12 year absence!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Talle2, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    Hard to believe it has been this long, but I am finally looking into buying a new (or 2nd hand) bike after 12 years without one. I am in my mid 40's and had owned and ridden bikes through most of my 20's, but stopped when I was about 32 when I had kids. Now that they have grown up, I have found myself lured back to the world of bikes. Sure I have ridden my brothers and friends bikes during that time but just for quick stints.

    My question is what bike to get...I was into sports bikes previously (owned a ZX-6 R for a few years and a GSX-R 750 for a while) but think I am past that stage and have been looking into nakeds. I mainly will be using it for weekend hinterland rides. In particular I am obsessed with the Tuono. I have watched heaps of youtube vids on it and find the V4 sound intoxicating! All reviews have it as being an amazing bike, but I am wondering if I will be punching above my weight having a bike with this much power. I am yet to test ride one, and plan to test a lot of other bikes as well, but just wondering what others think? Also, to owners of similar powered bikes, is this really too much power for the streets? Appreciate any comments or suggestions
  2. well at least you posted in the correct forum

    so welcome back mate , you story is very familiar here
    I suggest you try a few and see how you go
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  3. G'day Talle2Talle2, welcome to NR. I can't comment on what bike is right for you, however I do know what you mean about the right sound; as soon as I heard my bike, I was set on buying it.
  4. welcome aboard :] make a list check em all out
  5. Welcome mate and as they've said above, look around, test ride and then pick the one that does it for you. FWIW I also got back into biking after a long hiatus and am real happy on a naked Aprilia - much comfort than super sport!
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys, it is nice to have a forum like this to bounce ideas and pick the brains of the experienced riders - certainly didn't have this resource 12 years ago.

    Just finishing the purchasing of all my riding gear so I can go test riding. I have to say, just researching all the riding gear was exciting - it's got me keen as ever to get back on a new machine. Will keep you posted when I finally make a choice...
  7. Welcome to NR Talle2.
    I was in a very similar place (only a couple of years younger than yourself) very recently and opted to hope on a Sports bike. I knew the seating was a little uncomfortable and I'm hoping a set of Apexi risers will help things so they have been ordered.
    I'm not familiar with the Tuono however it certainly looks the biz and the "factory" version seems to have all the right electronic wizadry.
    If you can, ride a few as they can vary quite a bit.

  8. Welcome to NR...

    As the others have suggested...sit on as many bikes as you can and see which one talks back.

    Test rides are next and take it from there...

    All the best and keep us posted..
  9. I wouldn't buy a bike because of its sound.

    Go and ride a few, see what feels comfortable and bearable on that middle aged body. The comfort and fit for purpose should be attributes way above the aural output for purchase considerations
  10. Welcome mate, as others have said go and try lots of bikes, eventually your heart and your head will come to some consensus and you will find what works for you. In your position I would go for something cheap and cheerful second hand to introduce yourself back to motorcycling. Get the skillset polished up and meanwhile look around for a bike that meets your passion. Returning riders are over represented in accidents so take it easy. Welcome back to the motorcycle fold though (y)

    You are far to pragmatic at times Tweet ;)
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    Welcome back to bikes! I did exactly what you did and took a break till my son grew up. I also rode supersport bikes beforehand, but looked for a more comfy naked bike and haven't looked back since. The Tuono is a nice bike for weekend rides, but I don't think it's for everyone, so I would try and give it a good test ride first.

    Not sure what your budget is, but if I was looking right now I would also consider some of the more "adventury" looking machines (like the Versys or MT09 Tracer). They are very comfortable but still sporty and fun to ride. But as others have said, this is a chance to ride as many bikes as possible. Have fun you lucky bugger :)
  12. Lol! You certainly are on the right forum, Talle2. Most of the community here are returning-to-riding or just-taking-up-riding from what I've seen so far. And all the riders, from learners to old dust cowboys, have contributed with some really great input along the line. So welcome to NR, Talle2!

    I'm sure you'll know the bike you'll eventually settle with the moment you first set your eyes on her. Have lots of exhilarating rides to come!
  13. Welcome back. I think Tuono wins as a weekender but some of the criticisms that I've heard are engine heat and fuel range. An equally fun bike is S1000R or S1000XR if you like wind protection and passengers.
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  14. The S1000XR is on my shopping list, particularly with Mr Hockey's $20k straight up tax deduction, I just need to work on the dealer to supply appropriately adjusted invoices ;)
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  15. Welcome back Talle2Talle2 :)
    Ah the lure of bikes...yep the sound is there for sure but as ^^^ give a few a burl.
    The s1000R and XR are mighty mighty nice but as always can't be lowered because of the suspension and traction control.
  16. You have impeccable taste. That looks like one hell of a motorcycle.