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Returning, older and wiser! Ok maybe just older.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by evilsnoofy, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. Hi All

    Getting back into bikes after what has been about hrm.. 9 years away from them. Kids are older now (almost driving themselves - ugh) and we now have the chance to have some time to ourselves without racing home for a babysitter or having to ride alone while one stays home on parent duty.

    I recognise some of the names on here from the old aus.moto days on IRC/newsgroups. Some things never change! (No Vic, I'm still not going to show you my norks).

    Anyhoo, man has other stuff changed in that time! I now qualify to join the Ulysses Club *cry*.

    There's so many more options for gear! I've been looking at helmets and the range of brands, designs and styles is mindboggling. And that's just helmets! I haven't even looked at jackets/pants/boots/gloves yet. (I'm a firm believer in ATGATT).

    I've narrowed it down to two bikes on my shopping list - a Gladius or a Monster. Old bike was a ZX6R but I'm really liking the look of naked bikes these days. And what's not to love about a v-twin, really.

    So hi! You'll find me lurking in these forums reading and catching up on stuff (and more than likely asking some silly questions along the way).

  2. welcome back mate :)
  3. G'day
    just gone thew the same sort life changing experience myself, still cant believe there's a bike sitting out there and its mine! and still smarting from the expense of add on's shop around there's some real bargains in gear and bikes.
    Enjoy the hunt!
  4. Welcome back.
  5. welcome, am doing the same thing too.
  6. Norks shmorks!!!!!!!

    Hi Mandi.

    James still around or did you trade him for an improved younger version?
  7. VIC! Ya sexy bastard.
    Like I'd go anywhere without the missus..

  8. Hi. Welcome to NR and welcome back to riding.
  9. Hi,

    Welcome Back