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Returning Noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Madison, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Hi there

    Just joined netrider recently to ask a question about bikes, didn't realise there was this section so I thought I would introduce myself.

    I am a noob, I rode for a year or so, was in a not at fault accident where my poor old cbr250rr (rode like an absolute dream) was written off, and now (roughly a year later) I am about to get back into it.

    I'm from Melbourne, so might see some of you out and about when I hit the roads again.

  2. G'day mate


    Fun Ha!
  3. Welcome on board and see you around.
  4. Welcome back. Just as well you didn't pick today to get back on the road. It's p-p-p-pelting down out there!
    What bike are you getting this time?
  5. welcome (back)
  6. Hi Madison and welcome to NR
  7. Hi Madison and welcome (back) to Netrider :)
  8. welcome to netrider
  9. An old zx26. My mate wanted to torch it or something when he left for the army, cos he had less than no money to give it the work it needed. So I will get it for free, put some basic work into it (via a mechanic, not me personally) for about $600 then hopefully teach myself enough that the next bike I get I will be able to look after properly.

    I'm looking to get a cbr600f4 next up, hopefully it lasts me a few years and I get to upgrade by choice :)
  10. Welcome to the fold again!
  11. welcome back