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returning member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by PD888, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. good afternoon all,

    i was here about a decade ago and am surprised how much has changed.... and some things that haven't.

    i started on this forum when i got my first bike and was looking for advise and tips, then moving out of the country for a few years and coming back i'm looking to get the bike back on the road but this time with a few modifications.

    I have a 95 NX650 which i have stripped all the shit 90's plastic off and resprayed black, looking to do something with the battery and air box, wrap the exhaust pipes but leave the cans and add some LED spots to the front.

    I have swapped out the bars for a flatter cafe racer look and added bar end mirrors to replace the standard stalks.

    So i'm back, i have purchased some LED spots from our friends at e-bay and am looking to get some info on wiring them in.

    have a good one


  2. so, who the heck were you ten years ago??? (welcome, of course!!)
  3. Dog3oy

    i've got over it

    therapy was good

    gaffa tape was strong ;)
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  4. Welcome back
  5. Welcome back :)