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Returning member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kirks, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. G'day guys. I used to be a member on here (only had a handful of posts) a few years ago. I haven't had a bike in a while after my first one was written off in an accident pretty early on (not at fault).

    Lately I've been getting the itch again though and am looking at getting back into it. I'm 27 and in melbourne. I've always known I was going to get a bike again as soon as I had the money and that day is getting closer!

    Looking forward to getting amongst the forum. Cheers.
  2. That itch needs to be scratched asap, glad to hear your accident hasn't deterred you from riding again, what are you in the market for?
  3. check the 'bikes for sale' section and yee shall be healed :) enjoy!!
  4. Welcome. Some guy just posted a wicked husqvarna nuda 900r in the for sale thread. Suit a 27 yo hoon well
  5. I had a cbr250rr, so something along those lines. At the moment I can't afford too much. So looking for something older but that is reliable and won't cost too much in running costs. I don't need anything too fancy as I am still very much a novice, I have a full licence though so was thinking of getting a bigger bike. Maybe something to keep me going for a few years until I can buy something new.

    Honestly, as long as its sporty, reliable and i can have a heap of fun, I'll be pretty happy.

    That said, i'm mostly looking at 600rr or something similar. There's a couple for sale on the forum which caught my eye actually.
  6. Welcome back(y)
  7. Why what was wrong with it ?
  8. What was wrong with what? My bike was declared a total loss. I got a payout but it took about 5 months as I didn't have insurance and the 18 year old driver didn't pay his. By the time I got the money I didn't have the income to maintain a bike and a car.

    Nothing wrong with the bike before that. Loved it. Ran like a dream and was my pride and joy while I had it.
  9. Oh dear, there I was amusing myself with your thread title and it went straight through to the keeper. Never mind Welcome back anyway.