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Returning Member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jones88, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. G'day guys and gals.

    I joined this site a couple of years back, but due to family circumstances, i had to sell the bike and hang up the gear. Never really posted much here, but did lurk alot..

    Anyway, i've managed to get a reasonably cheap bike, and hopefully can keep it this time! :)

    Looking forward to talking/meeting with you all. :D
  2. Welcome back :)
  3. Yep, welcome back
  4. welcome back indeed!!! :)
  5. Welcome back :D, what was the bike?
  6. Just bought a 1990 vfr 750r.. 53k on the clock. Not really used to the v4 engine but certainly getting used to it. Loving it, just need to find more holes in my schedule to ride. Haha..
  7. those V-Fours get into your blood, you'll never shift them :LOL:
  8. Hi and welcome back to NR and riding
  9. Welcome Back !
  10. V fours kick ASS!!

    But what'd I know?

    Ha Ha!!
  11. Welcome back dude.