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Returning from my first fall . . .

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by deadmeat, May 9, 2006.

  1. . . . took nearly two months! :( Damn crack in my wrist took 7 weeks to heal.

    I've resumed my riding two weeks ago. Ever since, I am having a blast :grin: (yeah on a 250...but still more fun than me petrol-guzzling Falcon).

    Out-of-pocket medical cost: $170
    Boxes of painkiller: $50
    Parts (handle bar, mirrors, tachometer, muffler, bolts & paint): $290
    New pair of gloves: $150
    Telling dozen times a day how I overcooked a corner and injured myself in my first group ride, fitting muffler and handle bar in a backpack to avoid luggage weight penalty when coming from Korea, repairing bike with one hand, trying to scratch that unreachable itchy spot under the cast with a screw driver, riding again after 7 weeks of one-hand cage driving: Priceless

    BTW, I'm going for me licence on Sunday to get rid of L plate ASAP. Many cagers seem to interpret L as 'overtake now'. :eek:
  2. LOL I was in craches after my first off (with injury) when I bought my second bike (the first one got smashed beyond repair)... I was fine as long as I remembered I could only carry weight on the right leg... LOL Having house mates run up with craches after each ride was priceless!
  3. Welcome back to the fold :)

    Good to hear your back on the road...good luck with the license!

  4. Welcome back to the road :)

    Take it slow and you will soon be carving the twisties up :)
  5. welcome back, i hope it's your last
  6. whats a cager?

    p.s noob alert
  7. A cager is someone who drives a car, a metal cage ie most of us !
  8. sorry to hear about ur fall mate

    and lets hope it will be your last
    :grin: :grin:
    keep up the high spirits mate
  9. good yarn, deadmeat, I hope you are now able to remain crash-free and enjoy things
  10. Getting there. As soon as the roadrash on my knee heals enough that I can bend it enough to get on the bike without ripping the front of my knee apart, I'll be back riding again. Should have completed the minor repair work by then.