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Returning Biker

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bodger, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Hi all. After 30 years away from bikes following a serious accident, I've rediscovered my guts and my love for being on 2 wheels. Recently got my P's and a Kawasaki ER6NL. Loving the bike and being back on the road. I forgot how a bike turns a simple journey to work from a dire trudge through traffic to a daily adventure. Very keen top move up to something a little meatier once I got my unrestricted licence. Looking at Street Triples and Monster 821s.

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  2. Nice one mate, welcome back. Why look at street triples and monster 821s when there are SPEED triples and monster 1098s out there
  3. Welcome back :cool:

  4. Small steps on creaky knees.
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  5. G'day and welcome, BodgerBodger. The Kawasaki ER6NL was what I was looking to buy too; I like the look of them. After missing out on an unbeatable deal by a few minutes it wasn't to be. Motorcycling is like that for me too - a way to transform the mundane into something enjoyable and that can be integrated into daily life with a commute.
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  6. welcome aboard :)
  7. welcome back to riding and welcome to NR!
  8. Welcome back to riding and welcome to NR...
  9. Welcome back! Enjoy yourself everyday on the bike. Creaky knees yup I like the delicate crunching sound of age as I hoist my leg over my Zeddee.
  10. Sounds exactly like my story, without the war wounds! Welcome back, enjoy, ride safe.

    Nice bike by the way!

  11. yeah
  12. yeah
  13. Good on ya Bodger. I have also just made a re entry to two wheels. I also considered the kwakka but managed to dust off my old trumpy. Take it steady eh, there are a shyte load more lunatics out there than there was 20 years back.
  14. Thanks fella... appreciate the advice.