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Returning a month-old scooter: what are my rights?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MC_Elzee, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Hi all -- I have a Torino Galetta 125 scooter (I know, I know -- that was my first mistake). Only had it for a month and have done just over 300kms on it and it is needing repairs.

    Has anyone ever tried to return a cycle/scooter before? Do you know whether there is any chance of them 'buying it back'? Not even fussed if it's not the full price. Just want it gone so I can concentrate on my soon-to-arrive SR400.

    Any advice appreciated. Cheers.
  2. Not 100% but what repairs is needed? Is it anything major or just an easy fix.
  3. It lost power while I was in traffic, started smelling like something was burning, the odo stopped working (but then started again -- go figure) and the battery appeared to leak from beneath the runner board! This morning I had to ride it in to the repair shop and it took forever to start, then ran really rough. So, a bunch of things seem to have happened at once.
  4. We have no lemon laws so it would be at the dealers discretion. I really don't think that you will get more than $1100 for it....I would put it up on gumtree for $1500 (it still has warranty on it) and see if you get any bites but middle of winter is not good. I just bought my one year old Honda Dio for $1300 with 2500kms on it.
  5. Yes, I was thinking winter was a bit of a daft time to sell! If I wait until the warmer months, though, there's the less-rego issue. Man -- wish I wouldn't get myself into these pickles :D
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    What is done is done. Those are cheap scoots aren't they like $2000? At least you can only lose that much. Don't worry I lost like $2700 on a bike in not much longer.

    I would get it fixed under warranty then put it up on gumtree as soon as possible.

    Have you asked the dealer what his offer is? Edit: I wouldn't mention that you have a new bike, just that you need a scoot that is reliable and that this obviously isn't it, so that you want to sell it and ask him to make an offer. Is it that one on Parramatta road, I went in there to look at them, he seemed reasonable but I didn't like the quality for the money.
  7. Umm, did you buy it new or second hand? If it's new surely there's a warranty on it, in fact even if it's second hand I'd be trying it.

    Also, give your department of fair trading a ring, they will be able to help.
  8. Yeah, Vertical C, it was only $2k, so if I'm philosophical it has got me hooked on riding again, and if I'd hired a cycle for a month it would have cost me about that much anyway. Have put it on Gumtree and will also suss out the company re: what they might pay. I bought it new, b12mick, but I know from experience with other things, like mobiles and techy stuff, that they will always just want to repair it and not refund you or cough up for a new one. All good. If I get $1k for it I will chalk it up to experience!
  9. Damn, posted in your intro thread! But here it is anyway:

    Your rights sit under the Competition and Consumer Act (2010).

    When purchasing a good, it must be of acceptable quality - that is, that it would operate reliably to expectations. Please note, the phrase merchantable quality no longer exists with the change to the CCA 2010 from the Trade Practices Act.

    You do have an excellent leg to stand on here - I would offer the dealer to buy back the scooter at the exact price you bought it for. Following this, if rejected, tell them the scooter wasn't of acceptable quality to you (constantly needing fixing, power loss randomly).

    Also note a further requirement under the new Act is that goods are reasonably fit for a disclosed purpose. I would argue that your scooter, for its common purpose of commuting, would not meed a reasonable fitness test for its purpose.

    You have a lot of protection here and it is worth using it. However, give the dealer a chance first.

  10. I am confused, why do you want to sell it. Is it because it's broken (which will be repaired under warranty) or is it buyers remorse and you've decided that you didn't like it after all.
  11. Great advice, @taymaishu -- thanks heaps for that. @b12mick -- I bought it on impulse (hate to blame ADHD, but, well, I have ADHD! Sometimes I make pretty rushed and random choices unfortunately). I was really sick of the train system and wanted a quick, easy option, and didn't have the patience to suss out the used scoot market. My thinking was I didn't want to buy someone else's problems -- kinda funny now, though! I have also caught the riding bug again badly and am upgrading to a SR400 in a week or so. So I feel like a bit of a goose having a scoot and a cycle -- a bit unnecessary.

  12. Even though it is a chinese scoot, it still has warranty and you don't get much for under $1K so you will get that on gumtree I think. I have been watching the ads and anything running over 100cc will get over a grand and your scoot is better than that.

    You are right but if it got you back into riding then probably a bargain.
  13. Well not really a goose ... a girl can never have too many bikes or shoes :D or handbags :oops:

    If you were in Qld you could single seat 'em and keep 'em both.
  14. Hahaha! True, Fractalz. I just looked up your single seat law -- that rocks! No chance in NSW -- CTP is ridiculous.

    Have had a dealer offer me $1K -- will see how I go trying to sell it privately but if not that's not a bad offer.
  15. Yup ... CTP in NSW is a joke ... and why riders have been bending over for years is anyone's guess. I've had bikes with single seat rego and it's a great saving. Been thinking of converting the two I have now over to single seat ... that way I could get a dedicated gymkhana bike :cautious:
  16. Good plan!