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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Roderz, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I was an active member of Netrider during 2004 and 2005, then the realities of life set in, got bogged down in my job and study and met a lovely lass (who also rides), and long story short, hadn't ridden for a long time :nopity:.

    But a couple of weeks ago I finalised the deal to buy a brand new 2009 Yamaha FZ6N in yellow (old stock), with a pretty good deal and warranty. The other half received her 2012 Triumph Street Triple in white a week ago.

    So I feel more like a new member, but since my account still existed (and it's dangerous that I remember my password, I really should change them more often), I figured I'd use it, and drop in and say hello.

    So, a little bit of bio: I'm 29, an Accountant, I work on the corner of Elizabeth and Flinders in Melbourne, across the river from Friday night coffee, which I'm embarrassed to say I haven't even looked out at in years.

    I started riding Motobikes on a Honda QR50 when I was 7, then progressed to a Honda CT70. In my younger teens I'd get pillioned around by my Dad's cousins, who were usually corner marshals for my Pa's Vintage Motorcycle club out in Inverloch. It gave me a fascination for Vintage cycles that persists to today. From age 15 to 21 my skills languished before I bought a Yamaha FZR250 and took to the street. Before the poor thing died on me (turned out to be a relay or something that the buyer discovered), I'd street-fightered the FZR into a beautiful little bike, or so I thought. Then I moved onto a '96-'97 Yamaha YZF600, the Sport Tourer, which had received abortive attempts to street-fighter it, but failed to properly account for the ram air system. With the farings on, it was a fantastic machine, without them it was simply not. I sold that around the time we bought a house, about 16 months ago, but hadn't ridden it much at all in the preceding three or so years.

    My Signature: Silly Sausage comes from the big off I had at Sausage Gully on the GOR back in 2004, suffice to say you should never, ever try to overtake using one of those slow pull-over lanes for the slow cars, some of them turn out to be very short. Reefton Roderz was coined by TwinPilot a friend who I met through Netrider, as he said I seemed to agree really well with the Reefton Spur, which was probably my favourite stretch of road. Kinglake Garden Gnome was coined by Foxy, another great mate I met through Netrider, after I had a small off on the road from St Andrews to Kinglake, and he said I emerged from the bushes afterwards like some kind of Garden Gnome.

    The rest

    I plan to ride a bit more maturely than I used to, while still having just enough fun to keep me interested. I've been commuting everyday since I got the bike, from Eltham to the CBD, and I have, despite my plans, started lane-splitting while stopped at traffic lights. I'm not proud of it, but I'm going to own it. So far the FZ6N hasn't set my world alight, but I'm still breaking the engine in, so I'm withholding my judgement until I really start to ride it.

    Netrider seems to have more than doubled since I was around these here parts. Seems like there's something to do pretty much 24/7. From the glances I've taken around the forum though, I feel like Lloyd Bridges in Flying High/Airplane when he stands in front of the photo of himself standing in the same spot, "Nothing changes," still the same wicked sense of humour, delicious political incorrectness, friendly advice, helpful assistance and camaraderie I'd expect.

    I plan to get down to a coffee meet sometime soon, being relatively accessible to the CBD, North and East. That and definitely a ride. Most likely it'll be with 'the boss' as well, but I'll let her make her introductions if she chooses to, and a ride will definitely include us both. At the moment we're still blowing out the cobwebs of the old skills, so we're definitely looking at the more sedate rides at the moment, and I don't plan to join any 'elite' rides ever.

    If you see a yellow FZ6N followed by a white Street Triple out in the Nillumbik area, there's a good chance it's us.

    Feel free to ask me any questions you may want to know.

    P.S. I'm so glad we settled in Eltham, so, so many beautiful roads right out the driveway.
  2. Welcome (back), those dates put you in a very select group of people indeed!!!
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  3. welcome back, think I might have spotted you 2 recently but dont ask where lol
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  4. Welcome [BACK] to NR. (y)
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  5. It would have to be very recently, as the boss has only had the bike a week now. Over the weekend we were out and about around Warrandyte, St Andrews and Hurstbridge, as well as last night. On Monday I ran escort down to her workplace in Hawthorn as well.

    And thanks for the welcome (back)s. :)
  6. sunday we had a ride going from rowville, thru to marysville, back to healsville then I rode home from there so coming back thru ringwood eastern fwy on to essendon
  7. Hmm... I can't remember Sunday very well. I know I wasn't working out in the backyard, so we may have been out and about.
  8. The boss remembers seeing a big group of bikes come through Eltham just as we went in the other direction. I remember them now too, someone had a helmet that looked shaggy and green, I remember thinking it looked like Oscar the Grouch. Was that you guys?
  9. Allo, good to see you've intro'ed us already! Certainly don't recognise many names around here anymore but looking forward to meeting everyone :)
  10. Hi guys and welcome back to NR