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Returned from Japan

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by fb747, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    I've recently returned from Chiba, Japan, back to my hometown of Melbourne.
    I had a personally modified FJ 1200 over there and had a ball blasting around the skylines in the land of the rising sun, but due to visa deadlines I am home.
    I am currently on my old mans Triumph Bonneville t100 900cc until I get something for myself.

    Check out this ride report (and pix of my old bike) I wrote up of a trip I went on a few months ago with my old man, Just be warned it's kinda longish.


    I look forward to meeting/riding with some of you in the near future, bring on summer!!!

    Cheers, Ben.

  2. Hi and welcome back
  3. Welcome back, Ben.
    It's a great feeling returning home after many years of absence :)
    Good time to be back with warmer weather (like today's LOL) soon providing many riding opportunities.

  4. Why didn't you bring your bike back with you?
  5. Hey mate welcome back - bloody nice report.
    Lived there for 6 years and the closest I came to anything like that was a cycle tour from Okayama down to Shikoku back in 1997, but the nutter that took me wanted us to ride for 10hrs a day and there was no beer... grrr.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, It's good to be back in OZ and back to reality.
    I would have liked nothing more than to bring the old FJ back home with me as I spent a lot of hours tidying and improving her, but thanks to the sad state of affairs our import laws are currently in it proved impossible.
    Glekichi, It was the other way around for me, as in; I would only ride a push bike if there was lots of beer involved, otherwise I was out enjoying the amazing roads and scenery Japan has to offer on the 1200.

    Feel free to PM me all if your heading out, as i'm usually keen for a spin.