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Return to riding, Gold Coast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by aterese, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Goodaye,

    I'm a female who has ridden on and off in my life, my last bike being a Aprilia RS250.

    I loved it to bits because it was light and handled beautifully, but gave a better feel that the GPZ600 I owned prior.

    I hate big heavy bikes due to my 5ft2" limitation :)

    I am so annoyed at the RS250 being taken off the Australian market, but still madly trying to find one of the last 2003 ones again with low kms.

    Unlike previously where I used bikes to commute, I want to also do more advanced riding and learn the mechanics for myself.

    At 38 I think I'm going through a mid life crisis or something and feeling the gap not riding for the past 5 years. My partner doesn't ride and of course I've got that pressure of "it's too dangerous"...but he'll just have to come around.

    So I've joined these forums for hopefully support and to be amongst those who understand the rider mentality and passion. Sure it is a risk, but I am tired off trying to explain myself as not the same as the young kids who grab powerful bikes with no experience. I've ridden all weather in Melbourne for 2 years solid 90km a day....in which I picked up a lot of skills.

    So now I'm raring to go, get myself practicing again and do a few advanced courses to push myself and in particular actually learn more of the theory behind bikes. Kind of embarrassed I only topped up oil and greased the chain in the past :p
  2. Welcome back aterese, I sense much fun ahead :]
  3. Welcome. Might be a bit of an issue finding a 'Prilia in decent shape these days. Unfortunately, like their Japanese counterpart, the RGV, they tended to be unmercifully thrashed on the road and then converted to track bikes or vice versa. In any event, they mostly ended up at the breaker's yard or gathering dust in the backs of peoples' garages while parts were supposedly coming from Italy to fix them.

    If it has to be a "smoker" then it's going to be a bit difficult, I fear. Best of luck with your search.
  4. There is two I have my eye on....2001 at just over 5km (have to confirm not raced given such low kms) and another 2003 at 17km (been top end rebuilt).

    First is very attractive, I'll have to make sure I know how to do the rebuilds either way :)

    Dilemma, do you spend $6.5k on the 2001 with low kms which if has sat around so much will likely still need work (something Aprilias don't seem to like).....or $7.5k on the younger one with the kms.

    On one part I'm addicted to the Aprilia and feel at least if I get a good bike and maintain it, the value stays. On the other I feel like grabbing a 2005/06 CBR600RR at same cost, but then worry about it being so much heavier and value drops continuously.

    I loved the Aprilia at 70hp+, but the CBR is over 100hp....so is that going to be too much for me and with the extra 20kg+ weight.

    Never easy when you are a shortie and therefore can't take them out for rides beforehand and have to trust others who test/inspect. That is what sways me to stick with what I already know....would the CBR haunt me like the GPZ600 I owned (horribly front end heavy).

    Anyone who has owned them...please comment.
  5. welcome back to riding and the boards
  6. aprilia is awesome, but ya cant even begin to compare these two to each other...oof that swingarm..droool. :)


  7. im in the gold coast now and its a bit windy for my liking
  8. Welcome back to riding.

    If you want a hobby as much as getting back into riding, get the RS250 and learn how to maintain and rebuid it. If you just want a bike that goes well and feels light, get the CBR600RR, so you can just ride.

    I've only ridden a CBR600RR for about half an hour, but it is a fantastic little bike, feels light, goes like stink, and should require much less maintenance. As long as you can get it adjusted to suit your height you won't mind the weight.

    Or, get an RS250 for a track bike, and a CBR600RR for a road bike. Learn your skills on the track, use them on the road. :D
  9. You are swaying me now to the 600RR *L*

    Now that I can see the older style with the new style 600s...it sure is different (how horrible that front end massive arc was so far from the wheel).

    Now to find cheap insurance as it is double the cost (over the Aprilia).
  10. Currently checking out the ZZR600....has the low seat height that instantly made me feel confident and riding position is also more suited.

    Shame that yet again, that model stopped being sold in 2005.