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Return rider, Early midlife crisis or regaining sanity?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by blackfab, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm returning to motorcycling after a 13 year hiatus.
    (Mainly due to a soon to be ex wife! Not to mention the ex friend who took off with said ex wife) :shock:
    After a trip to the Melbourne motorcycle expo I decided it was high time to do something about getting back on two wheels again. In what may be an impulse buy I put a deposit on a brand new
    2008 Triumph Street Triple & am now eagerly awaiting delivery. :grin: (a nice Christmas present for my bruised and battered ego)
    After stretching the budget a bit on the bike i've got a bit less to spend on on the rideing gear. At the moment I'm looking at the Rjays range eg: TourTech flip-up lid, 2 peice Venom Suit, Altitude Boots
    & Stealth Gloves. Or something from the Draggin range or Joe Rocket stuff. I'm just not sure at the moment. :?
    So if you have any feedback for someone who has been out of the loop for over a decade it would be appreciated. Cheers

  2. Well welcome back to the team mate :grin:
    About gear, well have a look at the for sale forum and check it out, there are usually a pair of draggin jeans being sold there nearly new for about half the price. With helmets there are a lot of options now days with some decent brands that go a lot cheaper then the old Shoei.
    I know a place round here in brisbane that makes some good quality cheaper leathers, its a factory outlet, so if you wanna know about them send me a pm.

    If you join netrider, you're sure to get some partnership discounts if you go there. The $20 membership will pay you back in no time flat :wink:
  3. Certainly not a mid-life crisis. You're always a bike rider, you just weren't a practicing bike rider. Welcome back to the "church", brother. :angel:

    Sorry to hear of your marriage / friendship troubles, mate. No one deserves to go through cr*p like that. :(
  4. Ah yes... nothing like a nice new bike to literally fly in the face of a traitorous ex loved one!!
    My ex is DISGUSTED with me for getting into bikes... soI love to fly past him whenever i can.. he he he \:D/ Take that!
    I know the bike may have put you back financially but... for a year i rode pillion with a full face helmet, never havin been on bikes b4 i knew no different. Then one day I bought a decent helmet, I tried 35 different helmets... but came back to the one I first tried... the Tour Tech Flip.
    Then I rode home.. first time eva that i got home without a sore neck! I thought riding and sore necks went together!!! :roll: NOT SO!
    I find this RJays helmet perfect for me and the flip? I will never go back to the solid full face. I can get my fuel, walk in to pay and be back on my bike with a flip of the lid! :cool:
  5. Welcome to NetRiders.

    Be sure to come along to the rides and coffee nights and steak nights and rides and poker runs and .....

    Well, it's good to keep busy!

    BTW - got some great leathers at wholesale from Black Rose in Port Melb. Jacket (with armour), Jeans (with armour), Gloves, Belt and posh buckle for less than $600.

  6. :p welcome! yeah I got the divorce went out & got my L's & a bike much more fun!! so I hear ya. luv the bike not so the ex. wish I got a bike 10 years earlier cant wait to get an upgrade! ( just off restrictions so hunting for a new bike) i can highly recommend draggin jeaans wont save u from bruises but stops road rash. welcome back.
  7. Who do you miss the least? Your ex mate or ex missus?
  8. Hey mate! Welcome.

    Glad you've gotten your sanity back. Perhaps when you can afford it take a refresher course at HART, stay upright, or similar riding training centre - to get some skill and confidence back.
  9. Yep - regaining sanity, obviously.. No more lapsed motorcycle worshipping, orright?!?

    I guess it depends on what you feel most comfy in.. I have a friend who's come off at speed in both leathers and textiles, and she feels that although they both protected her adequately, that the textiles withstood the most abuse.. and let's just say that she's no pussyfoot when it comes to erm... knowing how to ride with gusto..

    They've both got their good points, and she loves her leathers..
  10. Welcome. Be aware, as a returning rider on a brand new fast bike, you place yourself in an extremely high risk category. I suggest you spend a couple hunjy on a HART intermediate course to get your rusty noggin back into the game.
  11. 56 days until delivery I can't wait. :grin: So that leaves me a bit of time to acquire a new set of gear. It seems the two wheel bug has a habit of biting as now my little brother is looking to purchase his first bike secondhand CBR. Now all I have to do is get him online and join the forum.
    RE: Khlarton - I might get my little Bro to check them out for me as he is a Brisbaneite and will need some for himself as well. He needs to sell a couple of tin lids first.
    RE: cookeetree - I'm glad it's not a midlife crisis. Thanks mate.
    RE: 2troo - Giving the throttle a twist and seeing your ex's look of disgust disappear rapidly in your mirrors should give you a good feeling and a :grin: from ear to ear. It's funny the cheaper lids seem to fit me better the only thing that concerns me is build quality.
    RE: WGM - I'm looking forward to keeping myself busy with coffee rides, steak night rides and all manner of social events. Not to mention meeting lots of friendly like minded people, with a common interest & passion for motorcycles. See you out there on the road sometime early January.
    RE: bikechickadee - I'm leaning heavily towards some draggin jeans. I've always felt more comfortable in denim. Good luck in the hunt for your new bike.
    RE: MVrog - not missing either of them to be quite honest
    RE: phizog - I did manage to sneak in a day refresher course on the sunny coast about a year ago. In my opinion well worth the time and money.
    RE: Ang - I've still got a little time to make a decision before my bike arrives.
    RE: Loz - I certainly will be looking into doing further refresher courses to help blow the cobwebs out of a rusty noggin.
  12. Welcome to the clan Blackfab - come down to the eastern coffee night & meet a few of us. Happy to accompany you once you get your bike since you're in my neck of the woods (of course you're more than welcome to join us in 4 wheels as well :)


    Re: the gear, I started out with Draggins & a Joe Rocket leather jacket, did me over summer, then got wet weather gear for the following winter. And the rest of the gear as needed - leather pants for the track, etc.

    And on the subject of buying a motorcycle when one has found themselves single again - seems to be a theme for a few of us here ...
  13. Thanks Black Betty I’m looking forward to getting out for as many rides as I can the coffee nights sound good and the tin lid went when the ex did so I’ve been coping with the local PT system. :evil:
    Some company on rides would be great as feedback from local riders is always appreciated.
    As for the gear Draggins, a leather jacket and add to as needed.
    Buying a motorcycle when one has found themselves single again for me it was an easy decision. Happy to join the ranks.
    I did contemplate getting a Suzuki SV650S but I've always wanted a brand new Triumph.

    Hearing all the bikes go by up here while waiting for mine to arrive is pure torture. :mad:
  14. It'll make it all the more sweeter when you pull out of the driveway to join 'em. :cool:
  15. If you haven't got your gear yet go & check out BikeMart in Ringwood - the guys down there are always helpful & quite a good selection. I'm in need of a new helmet & some draggins too so might see you down there :)
  16. Welcome! It's kind of sad that you had to lose two people to get back to such a big passion of yours.
    I'm basically completely new to riding, but it's solved many of my problems so far. Hope all is well
  17. I agree.. I finally got my licence at almost 35 after 20 years of waiting.. listening to the wrong people!! I still am proud as punch every time I fire up my old beastie in the driveway...
  18. Welcome Blackfab.... talk about an honest howdy.... anyway bone to pick..mid life crisis?? Do I see 35 years of age on your particulars.... if thats the case I'm finished.... :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Ok quick gear update I settled for a pair of draggin jeans & a dry mesh jacket for the interim and will look at getting a good 2pc set of leathers a bit closer to winter. Thanks, Black Betty the guys at bike mart were very helpful.

    I agree but still no less frustrating in the mean time.:tantrum:

    Thanks mate but its 3 if you include my 6-year-old daughter (thats the sad part for me :cry: ) into the equation and I don’t get to see her much.

    Yet another example of why we should follow our heart and not op’s opinions.

    It does say Early and I’m more inclined to believe its regained sanity as
    have kindly reaffirmed for me.
    steve2909 rest easy as its not too late for you.
  20. Return rider, Sanity regained ! not a early midlife crisis

    OMFG it has arrived!!! :shock:

    Wonders will never cease. My Striple is at the dealers now I saw it and sat on it today. :grin:
    Click for Pic
    My daughter is as excited as I am. (That’s my girl on the back) Just need to get her a full set of gear now.
    Of course, it turns up after I book myself a few days R&R (Murphy’s Law) so I have organised to pick it up on the 25th of this month.
    Sorry, about the pic quality it was taken on my phone by the ex.
    So I WILL see you out there on the road real soon.
    Cheers from one happy chappie,