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Return Of The TRX?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Wayned, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Some new speculation about a somewhat understandable use of the new 1200 Twin in the Super Tenere in possible revival of the worthy TRX850.

    I've always been puzzled why they didn't freshen the model when the TDM was upgraded from the 850 to the 900 version of that motor, because a value priced 900 twin with more punch than the original TRX850 always sounded to me like it would make a great bike, but there you go.


  2. Interesting, thanks for the link.

    109 BHP would be fine & dandy as long as they didn't add too much weight & kill the handling...

    The shaft drive would add some weight straight off the bat, so I won't hold my breath.

    I have heard it said that the RC8 is the closest thing to a modern TRX in terms of comfort & handling.
  3. You'd think the 1200 could be tuned for more poke in a lighter, simpler model.

    The RC8 comparison seems a bit odd to me though, given it's a premium sports model with big power, as opposed to the TRX being a budget and not especially powerful (for it's capacity) model. Maybe the character is though to be similar. I tried an RC8 and found it surprisingly civil and accomodating (of a tall rider), but have only sat on and revved a TRX with Laser slip-ons. I guess there's some similarily in that sense, as well as them both maybe being a little too different for many prospective buyers.

    The TRX was sort of a modern Cafe Racer to my mind, and given the poularity of the Kawasaki ER-6 and Versus with it's 650 in recent years, you have to wonder what more could have been done with the 900'd motor than just leaving it in the TDM.
  4. The RC8 comparo was mainly in regard to seating position & comfort.

    I really struggle with the concept of upgrading from my TRX, there's nothing I can think of out there that is a bigger, better version, if you know what I mean. Ducati Sport Classic springs to mind, but sitting on it at the motorcycle expo, it's nowhere near as comfortable as the TRX.

    I think they could have done a lot more with it back in the day, but it was supposed to compete head to head with Duc's of the day, but the Duc's were simply a better bike by all accounts.

    That's a bit before my time as a rider so it's only heresay though ;)
  5. I see. There's a moderate lean forward on the KTM, but not as much as with something like a GSX-R750 as best I can remember. The RC8 to me felt less like being stretched forward with your wrists and elbows tied together.

    With a bit of work, the Trixie's are pretty lively.

    I wonder if the 900 engine would slot into the TRX?
  6. Yes, but it's not a direct swap. A lot of things need to be modified to get the engine to fit (but people have done it).

    I think the reason Yamaha decided against updating it was the fact it was only ever a parts-bin special. So they would have also had to find replacements for parts taken from other discontinued models (like the FZR front suspension). Presumably they didn't see the potential market as being big enough for what would have been basically an all new design.

    Hopefully that views now changed and they are going to bring something out. Though I have my doubts it'll be anything like the original.
  7. With that engine I predict something sports tourer like a vfr1200 rather than the sportsbike like trx850.

    Unfortunately, the trixxie is a bike I wish I had owned.
  8. I think the TRX has done it's run. It showed the public that Yamaha could do a fine but unexciting impression of a Ducati, and it showed Yamaha that the public didn't care.
  9. If they spent all the money developing the powerplant, it'd make sense if Yamaha used it in some other bikes. I dunno if I can imagine it happening in the current financial climate.
  10. I dunno, I reckon there'd still be a market for a (relatively) simple big-bore twin in a hi-tech chassis.....
  11. The TRX wasn't much of a looker, and with the VTR and TL1000 both appearing in '97 with higher specs and more grunt (and more fairing, since modern nakeds hadn't really taken off here yet) for only a couple of grand more, it wasn't a big seller here.

    I imagine a few people also looked at the numbers and passed because the horsepower figure didn't look particularly good.

    By the time it made more of a name for itself it was gone.

    I can see something with the 900 and the right styling, and some of the parts from a volume seller like the FZ6 being a good thing, but it's probably a few years too late. It might have even been as simple as the TDM engine/frame with shorter suspension travel and 17" wheels. Think narrower and maybe even lighter than the FZ with a grunty and economical 900 twin.

    A sports-tourer with the new 1200 seems almost a given, but a simpler, lighter and more affordable naked that's an evolution of the TRX (or near enough to it), tuned for a bit more more top end to maybe about 120-130hp sounds like a good thing too.
  12. Dunno hornet. Over the years there have been heaps of great bikes that never sold well here simply because they did not have an "R" or "RR" in their name, or were less than 1 litre, but were actually far better suited for spirited street riding than the race replicas themselves.
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    bloke I work with has a TRX and he still loves the hell out of it. They do sound bloody nice even if they are a bit fugly..
  14. You do realise you couldn't buy a litre RR when the TRX was around, right!?
  15. Are you on drugs? Where did I mention anything about particular bikes not selling only during the time the TRX was being produced?
  16. TRX? Fugly? Not with this bolt-on kit:


    The new one is a direct shot at the larger adventure tourers... BMW's R1200GS in particular. Apparently the GS is still the one to have when the going gets tough, though, but the Yammies traction control was a favourite among testers in the slippery stuff.

    Cheers - boingk
  17. Roarin, is this thread discussing the TRX? Well, your statement is not applicable to the TRX.
  18. Must say that I do like my TRX and in the twisties I can quite easily keep up with R1, 675tripple, tl1000, fazer600 and many others that i go riding with. Some guys are just mad so my skill may not be as good and they do get away, othertimes i'm all over.
    I really do like the style too! I doubt that I will ever sell it.

    Now modern equivalent I would say would be the KTM990 superduke, they look pretty funky!
  19. I must say the TRX with pipes still has the sweetest sound, imho even better than the ducati.
    Issues with the
    TRX at the time were the brakes and the front suspension.
    Mods done were to fit them with R1 stoppers, and better springs for the front end.
    As for the lack of power, you either love or hate it as the modifications made the bike a very able bike to ride in the twisties.
  20. So how would you all say the (not terribly common) SV1000 fits into the affordable sports twin market?