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Return of Ariel

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jd, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. With the relative success of the Atom seems Ariel are about to have a go at getting back into bikes. There were a few possible models including and electric bike and a fairly conventional supersports powered by a CBR engine [​IMG].
    Thankfully though looks like they've decided to go with option (c) - a naked single with a supercharger :dance: .
    Early days yet since it's still only a concept sketch, but I'll definitely be looking forward to its release. About time the naked sports single made a comeback.
    Edit: Wonder what a s/c single would sound like :-k

  2. mmmm, I wonder how they are going to deal with the vibration factors?

    A courageous decision, nevertheless...
  3. No indication of capacity yet. Could be they're planning on getting around the vibration issue by using a smaller engine and relying on the S/C to get the necessary power. Course I'm kinda hoping it'll be 600cc+, I'm sure there'll be plenty of buyers willing to forgo a little comfort.
  4. Aaah missed that, cheers :grin: .
    500cc would still be a nice size, especially considering they get 300hp from a 2L, 4-cylinder in the Atom.
  5. Can anybody actually produce any sound engineering reasons for using a one-cylinder supercharged engine - other than 'because it's cool', or 'because nobody else uses one'?
  6. What other reasons could anyone possibly want.
    One significant advantage to using a S/C single though would be not only compactness (narrow bike is great for traffic and cornering clearance) but also weight - one big cylinder putting out 70-80hp would be significantly lighter than 4 smaller ones since you don't have all that extra metal between the bores. There's a reason dirtbikes don't use 4-cylinder engines which certainly has nothing to do with being "cool" or "different".
  7. Yes, I'm just wondering whether all of the advantages of single cylinder engine: lightness, compact form, simplicity and cheapness might not be negated by adding supercharger... and I'm not saying they would - I don't know enough about the subject. I'm just asking a question!
  8. In the past it may have been an issue but now it's not that hard to find a compact, lightweight and relatively inexpensive supercharger thanks mainly to 660cc Japanese cars (and the people who like to modify them). There's even people fitting superchargers to model aeroplane engines - like this one fitted to a 15cc engine with a max rpm of 30,000 and 20 psi of boost :cool:
  9. I reckon it's about time we started seeing some street going single cylinder motorsickles again :) I don't know what it is -but there is something about thrashing a single cylinder bike along some winding roads that you can't get from any other bike. Something to do with the rawness & absolute simplicity of the experience I'm guessing. The slower vibes & deeper sound that go right through you -rather than the clinical electric smoothness & high pitched whine of a multi cylinder bike.
    For the life of me I don't know why Ducati never brought the Supermono to the street. Certainly not due to lack of performance. I think it is Peugot who now have a supercharged single cylinder scooter so there is obviously no engineering difficulty or huge expense in it.
    But don't think this is new technology either. BMW for one had supercharged single GP bikes back in the 40's
    Can you imagine -with todays technology, riding a tiny little skinny as a bicycle sport bike weighing around the 130kg mark with 70+ hp? Thats serious performance however you look at it :grin: (unless all you're interested in is 300km/hr top speeds :? ) Gimme gimme gimme
  10. Blown singles produce the most incredible staccato bark I've ever heard. Sort of like a big motard with an illegal pipe but with balls.

    Who needs sound engineering reasons :grin: ?
  11. Heck yeah - skinny tyres, little horsepower but a flood of torque - bring it on! I got that right now (although it is an old twin), never had so much fun riding as I have as the last four years. Well put, Roarin :)

  12. KTM RC4


    Exactly what you described. And I'm with you, I want one of these bad.
  13. Was about to say the same thing, except your link is dead.

    This link works
  14. So it is. Cheers.
  15. Except that I reckon that power figure is bullshit -from a naturally aspirated 650cc single anyway :? Ducati struggled to get 80hp from their supermono in race trim so I find it pretty hard to believe that figure for an engine in road trim. Forced induction -another new ball game.
  16. They get 60hp out of their 450, over 70 out of the 560, and I forget what they get out of the factory 640's that they used to race S1 with. Plus the new motor is a different animal altogether, DOHC and completely redesigned. Then there's the 690, which puts out 65hp and has service intervals of 5000km (hardly stressed). Even the prehistoric XR600 donk will put out 70hp with a bit of love.

    80hp isnt ridiculous. :grin:
  17. Hmmm -don't think the new 690 is DOHC. I did say STREET trim. If it were that easy to make that much power reliably from a single then why do the supermono racers invest such large chunks of cash in their engine development? And still end up with rather expensive hand grenades :? From what I've read anything over 80hp is rare & expensive.
    Yep -the KTM 450SX is rumoured to make around 58-60hp depending on what you read. With oil changes measured in minutes -okay hours then. And valve clearance checks. Not exactly desirable in a street bike :)

    PS -I think someone saw the 63ps figure & mistook it for kilowatts
  18. I dont think the 690 (the new LC4) is DOHC either, but the RC4 (which this bike is using a derivative of), is. With a larger oil reservoir (1L just isnt enough for road racing or street) and a few little changes like stainless valves (done already?), you'd be on a winner I think.