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Return of an old fart

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tipp01, May 6, 2010.

  1. Hi to everyone, returned to bikes last year after a absence of 25 years. Choose a 2006 hornet 900 after reading review in bike trader, at about $8000with 3000ks it seemed great value, it was and it is in my humble opinion. Scary at first getting back in the saddle, first roundabout was a total disaster, but have stuck with it and 6000ks later love it. Will send some photos later.

  2. Welcome back to riding and to netrider :)
  3. Have fun & enjoy!!!!!
    What part of the world is your town?
  4. I don't want my old farts back but welcome anyway.
  5. (y)Welcome old boy! I to have a hornet 07 model bought new Dec 08 and now have covered 15000 Km's :) Have fitted staintune exhaust, honda windscreen,honda crash knobs, barkbusters handguards and dunlop road smart radial tyres. Enjoy yuor new bike and ride safe:grin: Cheers Tas.
  6. welcome in bud :)
  7. Thanks Guys for welcome, live in kellyville ridge, northwest sydney ,within striking distance of some good roads. Been out to wisemans ferry and up to Lithgow etc, also down to kangaroo valley but not many real long rides as yet . Also try to use it to go to work at least once a week. It's standard apart from oggy knobs and I attach a magnetic Motodry tank bag when out and about.
  8. Kellyville to kangaroo valley is a bloody long ride
  9. .... back after 25 years, what was your last bike?

    Welcome to Netrider, next time you're coming down Wollongong way, let us know and I'll come ride the mountains with you.....

    hey Goz, I'm just getting warmed up at that distance :LOL:.
  10. I visit and stay at parents in laws at calalla beach going via kangaroo valley, about 3 hours if you do'nt stop too much.
  11. Thanks, that would be good. Back in Ireland I rode to work on a Suzuki GSX 250E, had it for 2 years, great little bike.
  12. i know calalla well, good fishing spot
  13. Yeah, we love it down there, not too many tourists even at christmas time .
  14. Hi Tas, just wondering what bike you had before the hornet?
  15. Welcome back you old Fart!