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Return after 10 years to Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ZXRpilot, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. #1 ZXRpilot, Jul 27, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2016
    Hey all,

    Signed up when the forums started with my mate spadastunter (ariderslife) who I grew up with and Dave Mckenna. So can do hektic stunts bro.

    Now I'm old AF. Anyways looking for like minded riders to hit up the yarra rangers etc. Nothing too crazy, as things arent like they used to be! (sick of losing licence)

    Ride a 1000cc sports bike.

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  2. welcome back ZXRpilotZXRpilot - why did you leave and what made you come back?
  3. Hey Chilliman,

    Just did my own thing riding and what not and as life happened some how bikes stopped being my no.1 passion in life.

    But realise now I definitely need to treat myself to more of what I love most in this life, so thought I would get into it fresh with some like minded people!
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  4. yeah good job mate - life sometimes gets in the way of riding, once you come back to it you wonder why you ever left.
  5. Wow you signed up on Netrider a month or two after I did: welcome back!!!
  6. welcome aboard :)
  7. Welcome back to the nuthouse - there's no escaping a second time......
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  8. Welcome mate :cool:

    <--- relatively noobie to the site, you've been here ages! Do you still keep in touch with ARL now that he's up in Sydney?
  9. Welcome mate
  10. Welcome back.
  11. Hello, I am sure others will point you in the direction of Uncle Gregs epic Saturday rides that start from Roweville and head up into the hills, good mix of bikes and riders.
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  12. Hey man, Petes in Melbourne again so yup still in touch. Im actually just waiting to get my licence back but will be riding soon.

    Hey mate, I remember your name. Funny that, I used to just spam read forums for a while there but not post much haha.
  13. Ahh didn't know he'd returned. Great news that you'll be back on the bikes though :D
  14. Welcome back..

  15. 10 yrs might be a record. Hornet once went for 10 minutes without posting. Welcome back.
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