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Returing to NR, SA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by stubanger, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. Hey guys and girls. Havent been on NR for a while, still been riding/wrenching a lot, mainly the commute to work though. Still have a few old road bikes/trail bikes in the shed, the GPZ750 is undergoing a resto, also cleaning up a '83 XJ900R - will have to start some project threads about some of my bikes.

    Small update, recently purchased a "new" 2014 KLR650 a few months ago(cheap as its a 14 model) and clocked up 4,000kms on it and enjoying the tractor life, very comfy commuter/tourer. Pretty stock at the moment, put a 52L top box on the rear and changed the countershaft sprocket from 15T to a 16T as i spend the majority of my time on the highway. Hoping to get some SW motech crashbars, pannier racks, touring screen etc etc soon (when i win the lotto!)

    Hope to catch up with you all for a ride day/coffee!

    Almost forgot....pics!

    Even the missus likes it:
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  2. congrats on the new ride :)
  3. Welcome back!
  4. Welcome back to the asylum mate
  5. Well the good weather is almost here. I get a lot of time off during the week and by the photo I take it that you live down south. I head down south a couple of times a week to help my Mum
    And I could fit in a couple of hour when I am doing this.
  6. Weather doesnt bother me EricEric , i ride year round, new gear i got thrown in with the KLR makes it even better! Spot on with the location, pics were taken near Seaford.
  7. Looking forward to getting together for a ride/coffee. Am on my L's, but hopefully for not much longer.
  8. gday stubangerstubanger and welcome back to NR - congrats on the new ride, good to see you're out and getting amongst it!
  9. Aloha back stubangerstubanger, you'll soon wonder why you left in the first place! Happy wife, happy life?
  10. Nice bike mate and welcome back :cool:
  11. Welcome :)