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Retroactive hello post! Huzzah!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Suriag, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. So i've been posting for like... a month already, but hey. Etiquette technicality covered :newb:

    Lessee. I'm an Autistic (Aspergers) 30 year old at the bottom of the Blue Mountains with one eye who hated parking cars so much he decided a bike licence sounded like a great idea. (fun fact: depth perception is not considered a licencing issue for cars or bikes.)

    After rapidly learning I didn't have the dexterity for gears, I passed the learner course on a scooter (it's a HD200, but yall hate scoots so much here there's no need for a pic :p) and still managed to come to grief in the first week... then started posting here to while away the interminable healing period before I can try again.

    Now before yall boo me off the forum as a statistic-in-the making, i'm not giving up so I may as well soak up all the information I can before trying again ;)

    (Oh. And pay for some more professional training before trying to disgrace the saturday learner ride with the :moped:. Homebush is not a trivial distance away.)
  2. Well for one thing, I admire your persistance :p

    And in the past year or two, more large automatic bikes have been created like Honda's 700cc Sports-Cruiser DN-01 and the new VFR1200 Sports-Tourer.. Neither of which will get the same criticism the scooter community is subject to.

    My sister also wanted to get a bike but hasn't due to automatic licensing reasons.. nearly convinced her to get a 250cc auto cruiser but then she started coming up with other reasons why not :p
  3. welcome fella when ya go to homebush let me know and ill let ya ride near my bike lol na jokin seirously let me know when ya gona go and il ride with ya
  4. Welcome mate, plenty to study on these boards
  5. Welcome Suriag, I can see you're taking it all in your stride with a great sense of humour - awesome stuff!

  6. Welcome Suriag. Scoots can be great fun too. Every type of "bike" has its strengths and weaknesses. My wife has a 250 scoot and its a hoot around the suburbs and round abouts :D.

    Heal up, get back on and when you're ready we'll see you at Homebush!