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'Retro racer' no indicators?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by MeltingDOg, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Saw a bloke riding what looked like a 70's or 80's CB250 modded into a cafe racer. Looked good but he had removed the indicators and was using hand signals. Just curious can you get away with this (in QLD)?

  2. IIRC, pre 1970-something bikes, yes.
  3. Same deal in Victoria - bikes of a certain vintage don't have to carry indicators.

    I was reviewing the bikes requirements for club reg. here too, don't need blinkers but still need a chain guard!
  4. In Vic it used to be pre 1966 you didnt need indicators, or baffle them with bullshit when they pull you over for it, worked a few times on a rigid framed xs650 I had.
  5. Excellent!

    My black bomber is a '65 model - no need for blinkers.
  6. You don't say. The more you know...
  7. If it was ADR'ed with them then it has to have them.
    I thought it was 66 as well. Cant find it anywhere though.
    First thing I do with my dirt bikes is take them off. Don't think I would be without them on my roadie though.
  8. Dunno how I will go with my '65 bomber when it is done, as it came to me from Colorado in boxes with a purchase receipt. I think club reg is my best bet, just need to join a club first and then talk to the club inspector about blinkers and other stuff.
  9. I think it was around 68 or 69 I had a rego check and my blinkers weren't working. I was told if the bike had them on they had to work so I took them off and passed rego.

    From TMR website (Qld) - "Direction indicator lights must be fitted to the front and rear of
    a motorcycle manufactured after 30 June 1975."
    From the RTA website (NSW) - "Motorcycles manufactured before 1 January 1979 do not require indicators."
  10. Do you trust modern drivers to know what you mean and not rear-end you, particularly when you're pausing for oncoming traffic before turning right into a side street?
  11. I would fit them for safety's sake, even if they are just very small LED items. Minimum spacing is 280mm I believe, or the width of a licence plate ;)

    Cheers - boingk
  12. I would also fit them, they also act as a pretty good accessories as well as being functional
  13. I think the cut off year is compliance year, 1976. But I believe if the bike came with blinkers, then you must have them.
    I highly recommend them either way, I ride a bike with none and you have to be extra careful because traffic isn't used to hand signals.
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  14. In Victoria it is:

    "Motorcycles and Moped manufactured after June 1975 must be fitted with Turn Signal Lamps" so similar to QLD.