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"retro" 250s any ideas?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gunnin' it, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Hey, im looking around at a few bikes to buy when i can get my licence and i like the sound of retro bikes like the srv250 yamaha which i have seen on here. Does anyone know of any other similar model "old looking" or actually old 250 bikes? Would these bikes go and handle alrite? thanks :cool:

  2. I should also add that im wanting something which is pretty cheap like 2-3000 and is more or less a basic motorcycle to learn on-no fairings, fancy crap etc

  3. yeah that looks sweet i could go for one of them if i could find it...
  4. You have fantastic taste :cool:
    I think I'll try to get an SRV as my next bike.
    A cheaper, and easier to find alternative is a Suzuki TU250. They've got a nice classic look, for not much money. Lighter, but significantly less power than the SRV. Not as quite nice looking either.


    They are very, very cheap though, you'll get it for much less than an SRV.
  5. now THAT is a cafe racer! absolutely gorgeous.

    Another one to think about if your into that style is the SRX600, they are a LAMS ok bike.

    But put a staintune like this on if you get one of these, my mate had one, sounded fantastic!

    umgweb srx600 reviews
  6. The top two look a lot like the early bandits IMHO.

    Not quite as retro looking as the srx but if you get one with crome mirrors its looks ace!


    That last one is a damn sexy looking cafe racer!!
  7. :D

    The TUs are great for a first bike. They struggle at 90k, but they're just... TUs. There's no other way of saying it. They're not the most flash-looking, fast-going bikes, but they're great.
  8. Look in Bikes for sale theres a good SRV in there for $2500
  9. I think I should also add, I reckon the srv is by far the best 250 you can get period! its a shame Yammaha didnt squeeze the 535 motor in her, would of been a great combo!
  10. Youv'e got me thinking icitatus as usual! That is a sweet looking bike could be fun to do one up as I am about to change jobs and my commute goes from 120kms a day to 12kms! So don't need a sensible bike as such.

    I love the look of it did they make a 600 or similair in that style??
  11. Sadly, they only made them in 250 variety, would of been an sweet bike with a bigger donk in it for sure.
  12. get an old skool vespa.. thats retro :)
  13. Yeah, one of my cousins has this exact bike! Same colour and everything. I have to admit, it looks very swish. Not performance king of the universe, but then again not many 250's are. You ever seen a Honda CD250? They're kinda retro in a leather cap and goggles kind of way lol. OK, so they arent retro at all...I just like them :LOL: