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Retrimmer needed hurstville / sydney area

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by junkie750r, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. Hi

    Im after a retrimmer in sydney, one closest to hurstville (as long as their good) preferred.

    My family want to kick start bike appearance build and they want to retrim my seat for fathers day.

    any help appreciated.

  2. MW Motor Trimers

    Jim 0414 321 459

    9 Peach Tree Road

    w/shop # 0247 321 459

    His out Penrith way and comes with good recomendations.
  3. Theres a guy on Lorraine St Mortdale area, Ty Pringle.

    I can't recall his number or unit number, but if you go past the golf course and turn into Lorraine St, theres a bunch of industrail unit on the right (light coloured building) where there is a spares shop as you turn in.

    Ty is on the left side as you enter (back left corner).

    I've seen some of his work up close and watched him do it. Great jobs. He would be able to cover the seat in about anything you want.

    Drop in and have a chat. He's a good bloke.
  4. Found one

    After running all over peakhurst area got 5 quotes, 1 quote was $300 dollars worth. Admitedly my seats have a bit of stitchwork involved but $300, geez, where are these cows from and how good is their hyde.

    I have now left my seat with A1 motor Trimmers for a $110 fee.

    My next life, i want to return as a retrimmer, Ignore material costs and competitor prices, just make up a figure, double it and theres your quote.

    Good to see some reasonable people with good workmanship in trade or we would have to stop restoring old bikes.
  5. A1 motor trimmers..wonder if they are the guys I worked for ages ago? You get what you pay for.....
    Good to see trimmers still working for $30/hr.......no wonder I am getting out of the industry. Too many people cutting their throats for work.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. I use to believe in that one. "you get what you pay for" but thats all gone now. past experiences have shown friends with cheaper quotes walk away with better jobs then friends who have payed double the price. I know people who have had the retrimming done in the past all at prices i ended up with and it was great work.
    I guess if you know your employees are real slow workers you have to charge for 4 hours but basic work with a bit of stitching....nah. 300 here, 400 hundred there, all of a sudden you got a $20 000 bike.ive spent years in the building industry and i know you have to back up your price but high priced companies are always losing work.

    guess i wouldnt care if i was rich.

    guess im a bit sore at being ripped of by the blokes who supposedly done mechanical work for me but i refuse to be ripped off again.
  7. Ahh, you know a lot about trimming eh? I guess I wouldn't know that much, I've only been in the industry 20 years.....
    You know how long it takes? Just a bit of stitching eh? Yep, whatever.
    A complex bike seat, to do CORRECTLY, would take 2 or 3 hours.
    How many have you done, and what's your best time?
    Do you know that there are different grades of vinyl, and teh cheaper ones are lucky to last 12 months? Did they use stainless steel staples, or mild steel ones that wil rust out in 12 months? Is it synthetic thread, or cotton?
    You'll never know what goes on in trimming, I've seen all sorts of cheap crap get charged out at top dollar. I've also seen many, many people underquote to buggery and lose money repeatedly on work, and just keep doing it till teh company goes under. They think they are busy, so they are making money....
    It's not like the building industry, where you over order and build your own houses at the customer's expense.........or claim the weather is holding you up, when you are working on some other, more lucrative project.......

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Sounds like you wanna join building trade. lol.
    grades of vinyl, staples and you forgot the anti rot stitching. yeah yeah yeah. all trimmers had the same to say.
    Actually a few retrimmers recommended i find back yard trades on a motorbike seat while they concentrate on canopies and car interiors.

    Its easy to see the trade hasnt done you well cause now you wanna leave but you also have to know that customers who are not building show bikes refuse to over pay to keep unsuccesful bussinesses afloat. We simply want a retrim. replacement of current quality but new. Were not asking for high class cow hyde from europe.

    I know you will respond, thats your type. enjoy overpaying for everything while we enjoy ripping you off.

    lol. gotta love these forum stirrers. no life-angry at the world-no one understands me.

    Next time you smile at getting a bargain, just remind your self your just like us but dont let it depress you.

    with regards, junkie
  9. Double post oops.............................
  10. Forum stirrer? Unlikely mate.......
    The point I tried to make, and you clearly missed by a mile, is that you may have got a cheap job, but you will be the first one whinging when it falls apart in 12 months. The other point was that tradespeople do not work for $20/hr anymore, there are too many costs in runninga business now, even out of teh backyard. The difference between people like me and dodgy backyarders who charge $20/hr is I actually pay myself super, pay my taxes, have insurance etc. Please tell me I am entitled to make a decent living?
    That's one of the reasons that I would not match other quotes when I had my own business, I will not compromise on quality, because it always comes back to haunt you. By the way, I doubled profits over two consecutive financial years in my own business, so I think I know how to run a successful business...
    Anyway, as a builder, I am sure you've seen your fair share of dodgy builders. It's just lucky for builders that all their stuff ups get hidden behing gyprock and bricks.......
    My post tried to highlight the fact that you DO get what you pay for, even though you may not know it yet. Yes, some places are over the top, but the cheapest quote will disappoint every time.........
    And some places that may seem over the top are merely a realistic price, they are not trying to compete with backyarders and lose money.
    However, as a builder (and I do not mean this as an insult, just pointing facts out) I doubt you have to pay rent on a workshop and all the associated costs that go with it. Just because you pay labourers $10/hr cash in hand, doesn't mean qualified tradesmen should be paid that.
    Oh by the way, I never try and get a bargain of tradespeople, the cheapest has always burnt me in the past. I never haggle with tradesmen, I just get their quote and see what others can do. But if I find one I think is good, I just use them. I'd rather pay a bit more and be guaranteed quality.
    Seems teh building industry doesn't work that way, strange, as I've never met a poor builder.............

    Regards, Andrew.