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retreads Has anyone tried them

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by stanga169, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. in the market for a new rear tyre and am considering getting a retread, i have read a fairbit about them from the makers of them but would like to hear from some people that have actually used them before. Please help

  2. I've seen what they can do on cars, I'll never ever put one on my bike...

    Is it really worth the risk of de-lamination?
  3. I misread the subject and thought this was a completely inappropiate thread mahahahah.
  4. 1) It is not a car.

    2) It is just a 250 chookie, it would barely have enough grunt to pull the skin off a banana.
  5. 3) Straight line forces aint everything, the dynamics of a bike tyre are vastly different.

    4) A 250 with a 100kg rider and some gear is gonna be at least 200kg of force on a tyre. Times that by four and take into account the profile of a bike tyre (smaller contact patch) and your getting near the equivalent car tyre weightings.
  6. I have tried MX Retreads tyres before. The rear was great and hard wearing, the front less than ideal. Wear was not an issue, but handling was not flash on my bike and the front end washed out many times. Couldn't sort it with tyre pressures either.

    Thumbs up on the rears. Cheap long lasting tyres.
  7. Uh oh. You are just begging me to go all physics on you.
    Unfortunately I start work at 7am.
    Here is some food for thought; Force is measured in Newtons, not Kilograms ;)
    Stay tuned.
  8. Rest assured, if they are going to kill anyone, it will be you. Buy something else.

    Everyone who is not Liq, they are fine for a chookie.
  9. For a chookie sure, I still wouldn't trust them on anything road-going.
  10. The ones I have seen offer a lifetime warranty for delamination and tearing knobs off. Given that the knobs tear off brand name tyres, that is going alright.

    If you're not the fussy type about handling and preferential on compounds and tread patterns, a cheap way to keep fresh knobbies on your bike.
  11. I wouldn't even bother, for what a 12/80/18 (?) costs just buy a tyre (D606's are $200). If your just cruising around they are good cheap tyres, if your riding on/off road for any sort of distance just buy a real tyre.

    I saw an RR at william creek on a 450 that was missing several knobs, these are probably the toughest off road tyre you can get and they still threw a couple, a retread i saw pics of that was used under similar cnditions looked fine. All tyres can do it off road but retreads wont come off the tyre like a car or truck retread.