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Retiring for 6 months...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by KPNUP, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. Re: My Law Enforced 6 Month Retirement...

    Hiya all,

    Just a quick hello to all who attend Tues L/P nights and Thurs Mystery rides, in the short time since I have joined, I looked forward to these rides and meeting new people, but sadly I HAVE to put away my riding gear for the next 6 months, this really sux! as I just love riding my bike and meeting up with you guys.

    So to all, ride safe, and I will be back. :(

  2. Hey Rose, I know it won't be quite the same but, you could always turn up for coffee once in a while?? That way you can still keep 'in touch' with people in person?? Just a suggestion :)
  3. 6 months will go by in a flash. Chin up, mate.
  4. Now that's a real bummer :( .

    6-7 months is about the time I have to wait & save up the $$$$$ to buy my bike.

    Interesting conundrum tho. What's worse? Longing for what you don't have, or missing what you have?!
  5. Now THERE'S a profound fifth post, if ever I read one. (See, us old guys think about this sort fo stuff :LOL:)

    Sorry to hear about your enforced holiday, Rose. Are you going to do what the cons do in the movies and have a calendar on the wall and scratch off each passing day???
  6. I did that aswell as having a reminder set in my mobile phone, whats wrong with that? LMAO :p
  7. Just a little more info... not one demerit point was lost while riding my bike!
  8. It's not so hard. Suck it up, and wait for the Easter bunnie.