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Retired Hurt

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt232, May 9, 2005.

  1. Well I cut the strap on my Shark RSR Foggy Red today to make sure no-one decided to don it. Its now been added to my collection of retired hurt helmets.

    Retired Hurt Gallery

    My DriRider Jacket has been through both accidents, it has a couple of small holes from the first but its still fighting fit, my DriRider Pants went through the latest off only, its all good just needs a bit of a wash so I'm waiting for the next lot of rain.

    My 3 day old Joe Rocket gloves are a little scuffed up and my Gaerne boots again have slight scratches but nothing a quick polish wouldn't fix.

    Viva la wearing top quality gear all the time!!!! 8)
  2. *yawn*........here we go again :?
  3. I call them "mother-in-law helmets"
  4. I get it and I like it :LOL:
  5. ummm, did i miss something here? that was a.... "insightful" post dazza. each to their own and dont read it f you don't like it. uuuunless of course it is rude vile and horrible and then you can whinge and get it deleted. but thats not the case here. anyway, i'd chuck them out. you'll have all these useless helmets and nowhere to put them before long. :p
  6. Yep you get that when you are 17 (well thats what ya info says)

    Cheers 8)
  7. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Glad you got something out of it pt. 8)
  8. I don't see any damage on the Shark Helmet. What's wrong with it? If you cut the strap you'll never be able to recoup your money if opportunistic circumstances should happen to present themselves.
  9. Yeah he could trade it in his new place of employment (Peter Stevens) :p
  10. Chips and scratches across the front mouth guard and visor. Wasn't going to retire it until the guys said I had a pretty swollen cheek after the accident. The helmet probably could be ok but decided not to chance it and I had a spare one for the meantime until I can get another decent helmet.

    My new insurance (QBE) doesn't cover my helmet (my former insurer, Swann, even though it was more expensive, keeps looking more and more attractive) but yer I suppose making a cager cough up for it might have been nice, but I don't intending on getting that opurtunity if I can help it.
  11. You obviously don't know how a helmet protects your head and why you should not use helmets which have been damaged and thats a pity because you have probabaly destroyed a perfectly good helmet.

    The primary function of the helmet is to protect your skull by absorbing impact. The chinpiece and visor merely keep bugs out of your teeth. Damage in that area probably does not affect the performance of the helmet in achieveing it's primary function because there has been no impact in the areas around the skull.
  12. Ha, ha! Good one - selling a possibly crash damaged helmet to an unsuspecting buyer! When you make a joke like that, it's allways a good idea to add a smiley so no-one thinks you're a complete pr1ck.

    "probably destroyed"? You don't know what damage was done to the structure of the helmet, and neither does Matt. That's why you destroy them. If he's got a soft tissue injury to his face, then the helmet has sustained an impact and the next off isn't the time to be testing your crackpot theory.

    So an open face helmet offers the same crash protestion as a full face? Cool! As an open face is lighter, we'll no doubt see them coming back into MotoGP, WSB, F1 when the worlds best try to shave a nanosecond off their lap times.

    Have a look at Matts Arai helmet and observe the scratches on his visor. It was doing a lot more than protecting him from bugs.

    Hang on...I apologise. It was unfair to have a go at someone who recycles their own helmets. Aquired Brain Injury is no laughing matter.
  13. Fishing can be done differant ways .
    simply , its delibrately placing stuff up that is either factuous or un true to get people to bite .
    other forms of fishing are
    logging on under an alias and posting questions that you know will fire up the site .
    reply to a comment with a reponse that is nothing what youi believe but place it there as you know that it will upset people .
  14. Netrider is a great idea.

    I'm disappointed that some f*ckwits appear to use it as a forum to knock anything that doesn't fall into their own narrow view of the world. These are probably the same people who want to bash drinkers at the local pub who don't dress or drink the same way that they do.

    I'm not for everyone getting on all the time, and this is not some christian "why can't we all love each other" rant. But............we've all got opinions and share a common interest - knocking someone for posting something that you're not interested in is puerile. If you're not interested, don't reply to it.....if you are interested, but disagree, reply like a grown up.

    *Passes the reins of the High Horse over to groberts, who, in my opinion, should have his own column in AMCN*
  15. True enough...
    Absolute crap.
    Also absolute crap. You hit a helmet anywhere on it's surface with any serious force it's going to send a shock wave through whole damn thing. One serious hit and a helmet is cactus.

    If want to risk your brain and your life to save a couple o' bucks, go right ahead, just don't whinge here when you've had an off and your brains are falling out.

    Good work Matt. What's the next helmet going to be?

    Dazza, smoke another doobie mate and chill out...

    Everyone else, hug the closest person and tell them that it's going to be alright. They'll understand.
  16. A voice of reason... always refreshing to hear.
  17. I thought that was meant more figuratively...
    Chinpiece and visor are the weakest part of a full-face helmet by design.

    The "damage" shown on the pics seems absolutely minimal. Soft-tissue swelling around the mouth/ teeth area can be achieved by fairly minute knocks (with teeth as a "backing-plate").
    I'd have no issue with scraped paint/ gelcoat in the chinpiece area, according to previous threats there was virtually no impact involved (during the bum-slide).
    The other helmet shown in the pics is a diff story though...
  18. The reason you replace a lid when its had a fall is due to the compression on the foam between the shell and the liner.

    Once knock and it's cactus???? doubt that very much.

    I tend to agree with Nev, don't ask me why :p

    I too had my shoei slide down the road and the damage to it was just on the chin bar, I retired it 2 years after the crash as it was too loose on my pea.
    If only I had hair, Ii would have saved the money I spent on the Arai :)
  19. My missus has a wig she doesn't need any more, unlike yours, her hair grew back :shock:

    I reckon she could have sold it to you for half the price of the Arai, win win situation eh

    JJ (wondering if having a go at the admins head is warning-able)
  20. Okay so I was spouting what they tell everyone at HART (Honda Australia Rider Training), and I was assuming they know what they're talking about.

    The guys at HART told me that helmets are designed to protect you from one collision and one collision only. And that even dropping the helmet from 3-4 feet onto concrete can destroy it. They don't let you hang the helmets that they supply for the L's course on the handle bars or sit them on the seat for that very reason.

    Don't know if anyone's done much rockclimbing/abseiling, but it's the same sort of thing as with carabiners (D clips). One knock can create a hairline fracture that you can't see that could mean the difference between life and death 100m up a cliff.

    It could be that the people at HART are telling learners this because they want to increase helmet sales, but as Honda don't make helmets (well they might, I don't know, but I've never seen one in a shop), I seriously doubt it. Seeing as though they are a government licenced training facility, I would assume that they'd be telling people this for safeties sake.