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resurrecting a cb900

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by bikeboy, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Long time lurker, sometime poster :wink:

    I've noticed some members have an interest in older machines and thought some of them may be interested in my on-going restoration on my 1980 CB900FA. I've had it on the road for a while now in various iterations, and it's a source of constant amusement of my (very) patient wife in that I can't seem to settle on a final solution.

    Anyway, for the time being, its finished! The last step was fitting a new set of tyres onto some rims I had powdercoated. Tyres are another topic

    I'll put some quick pics here, and link to my site below - because it's a bit of an epic :wink:

    Version 1:

    version 2:

    version 3:

    version 4 and current:

    links are about to be updated.

    Anyway, there you have it. I hope some of you find it interesting.

  2. loz is never gonna be able to leave this thread :LOL: ....actually surprised he hasn't poste din here already :shock: :LOL:

    nice bike btw
  3. Wow dude, a bike for all seasons. I could muse over your pics all day.
  4. 1st pic looks the goods if you ask me

    Looks really good with the shorter exhaust!
  5. That is a BEAUTIFUL bike!
  6. Thanks everyone, I'm chuffed with it :wink:

    All people of impeccable taste, everyone of you.


    I like *your* red stuff too :grin:


  7. drool, drool, the Bol d'Or was a fabulous bike (bar the first model with the rubber crankshaft :p :LOL:).

    You should check out Edgelett's thread on her year-long custom job on a Hornet 600; the bikes have a lot in common in terms of what you are doing/she has done.

  8. Old bikes suck, who'd bother buying one and doing it up! :p
    Now, where's the nearest Z for sale...........

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Yes, I came across that a little while ago (and used one of her pics above-for which I appologise). I thought at the time we were chasing similar goals. Fantastic work you've done there Edgelett my friend. Needless to say I have a soft spot for naked bikes, and yours is one of the nicest modern era's I've seen for a long time.

  10. pfft don't apologise, use away!
    thanks mate, i'm really proud of how my bike looks, i can honestly say I have the only one like it in Australia, and possibly the world.

    but yours is amazing, to take an 'old' bike & make it look that awesome, you should be VERY proud of how it looks.

    Do you show yours?
  11. You're a spraypainter by trade? Looks great!
  12. nah. just a hobby-painter workin' in his garage. I practice on the shed-fridge :wink:

  13. Only once, in its silver form, and at a local car/bike show. Got me a 'best period' trophy tho' :wink:

    Thanks for the comments

  14. Nice Job.. cant believe your transitions in scheme's on the one bike!
    Anyway.. I have 81 model, curious if you ever though of changing your filter to Pods ?
  15. yeah, I'm either indecisive or easily bored :wink: You should see my current project. I can't get past the mock-up stage without changing my mind :? super bol d'or

    The main school of thought on pods with these CV carbs is *don't*. You end up chasing all sorts of jetting/flat-spots, and never really gain any advantage. They were designed to draw air from a common chamber, and don't breathe as efficiently once you remove that. I tried them for a while, and they certainly *sounded* better, but I was never happy with the performance.

    You'll have to upload some pics of your bike for us.

  16. An old CB9 huh. :applause: Top work. Almost bought one of these years ago, that and an 1100. Clutch baskets were noisy on these from memory? Love the kwaka green, very original. :grin:
  18. That's the same Atomic Green I used to paint the Minja. Mainly because it looked almost exactly like Kwaka green but was a buttload cheaper. :LOL:
  19. Holy shite! they must be proud of that kwaka paint! I had to bend over and grab my ankles for a litre of this stuff! I did get it about 2 weeks after the model release-and my paint guy had to fax the supplier about 6 times to eventually get the formula, but I thought I'd never have to pay that for paint.

    I don't blame you for shopping around :shock:

  20. Haha indeed - for my next paint job, I'm loving the 2-pack black idea!