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Resurrect or Trade in??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jaydle83, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Hi there I currently have a little dilemma. I have been out of the saddle for the past year+ after some back surgery and am feeling exponentially better and looking to get back into it! I have a 2006 Suzuki GS500f with 36000ish kms on the clock, in pretty good nick. I bought it second hand from a dealer, full service history, 1 owner before me.

    When I injured myself I was pretty busy with rehab etc and well everything has expired (rego, insurance etc) and it hasn't really been out and about for the past 6 months minimum. It desperately needs a service and to get it registered here in Qld (where I moved just prior to my injury) I will need a RWC, pay for plates and so on.

    I am wondering if it is worth throwing the $$ into the bike, which has been an awesome bike in the short time I had to enjoy it before I broke myself (and no, not on the bike!) or if it would be more sensible to trade it in and throw the $$ into getting something newer, under warranty etc. The worst thing is I still owe a couple of grand on the bike (paying it off under finance) which I have the cash to pay out but if I trade in that will pretty much cover what I owe and put me back a 0 if that makes any sense..

    I still have to get a LAMS bike, I have my full licence but here in Qld I have to do another course or something before I can ride anything!! Just looking for a bit of advice from you guys who will know better. I am unsure of how much a major service will cost on my Suzi, like what if it needs a new clutch, cables and other pricey components, brakes etc! God forbid tyres.. Like if it was going to cost me in excess of $2K to get the bike back up and running was thinking it would be more sensible to throw that $$ at paying off the current finance and start again....

    I honestly don't know!! Please help?!
  2. If it was me I would be keeping a gs500. IMO get a quote to get it serviced and back on the road, a dealer will give you next to nothing for it as a trade and you will only end up with another bike with a bigger debt.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! Deep down I know that is the sensible option.. I love the bike, I already have it, I know it and finance will be over this time next year. Was just thinking and wanted/needed some opinions.

    Out of curiosity can you give me a ballpark figure how much a major service might cost this day and age?? I know my rego and insurance will be around $400 ea, RWC at least $100 etc. I reallly don't think there is going to be a lot wrong with the bike but just need it gone over by a pro with a fine tooth comb before I start riding it regularly again. Last thing I want is to end up back in the hospital you know!!

  4. Unless you like smoking bank notes then keep it. A 2006 bike is a baby. Surely it doesn't need much for service? Change the oil, check that all lights work and the brake pads are in spec, and ride it. A bike won't kill you because it's not in new condition. If you want a service but are worried about rip-off prices from a mechanic then get a mate or aquaintance to look at it for you (I'm sure there's a few handy people in Townsville). The clutch will be fine, as will the cables. At worst the brake pads and steering bearing might need doing, and any home mechanic can do that easily.
  5. Haha - no my green doesn't grow on the trees outside my apartment!! Will be heading out to find a RWC ASAP after I inspect the basics to get her registered and back out there.. Thanks guys appreciate your input! Just wanted a little more confidence to know I'm definitely not floggin' a dead horse! Or that there would be a whole bunch wrong with it after being stationary for the better part of the last year..