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Resurgence Gear PEKEV Jeans and Cargo Trousers Review

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. The PEKEV liner was tested and beats the EN 13595-2 standard for abrasion resistance.

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  2. I found out yesterday I won a pair of Resurgence pants of my choice from "liking" their FB page back in Nov, I contacted them and it wasn't too late, I've got a pair of Grey Cargo pants on the way, I'll put a review here when I get them, they look a bit classier than my Shark Leathers Cammo Cargo pants (they have been great pants and very good value) I'm expecting with the lining going from the belt line to 1/2 way down the caves they may be a bit warmer than the other brands that just offer the extra protection on the "vulnerable areas"
  3. The pants arrived Tuesday, yesterday was the 1st chance I'd got to ride in them.
    All I've got to compare them to is my old pair of Cargos from Shark Leathers in Queensland.

    They appear to be very well made, the quality of finish is excellent.
    Compared to my old pants they are quite heavy, a price you pay for being fully lined, armoured and a additional mesh lining between the lining and your skin.
    My old ones I was happy wearing to the footy or the front bar of a pub etc but I wouldn't have worn them out for a counter meal for instance, the Resurgence Cargos look a bit more stylish and could be worn more places.
    The extra mesh lining was more comfortable against my skin than my old pants, they also have a velcro strap at the bottom of the legs to hold them tight which is a good addition.
    After one short ride the only thing I noticed is how warm they are when you are stopped or just standing around, on the bike they seemed to breathe well though.
    I think I might put them away until I need something nicer looking to wear or when the weather gets colder, the old ones are no where near as warm to wear but these are still no where near as hot to wear as I expected.
    All in all they appear to be a very good quality pair of pants and are very comfy to wear, I just hope I never have to test their claim to being the most skid resistant pants ever